List of What an OTA (Over The Air Smartphones Can Do!

It is obvious that the world of today is now being loaded with different smartphone. Different people love using smartphones be it blackberry or Android. Most time, it is best used with smartphone for business!

Even up to till tomorrow, I think Smartphone will never be out of the line although, the version of today will die but the name smartphone might still be. Smartphone with OTG are indeed great.

There are many smartphone for different purposes like iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are currently the timely and best smartphone for business. And that is how it is for various other smartphone.

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What You can Perform with Any OTA Android Smartphone


Today, we will be going a little deeply into smartphone that handles OTA (Over the Air) feature and what and what can be done with it. Firstly, note that OTA is the same thing with Over the Air!

1. You can use a FLASH DRIVE with it:-

This is somehow great. Using your OTA android smartphone with a OTA cable is really cool but the question goes like Do you have a OTA cable? Yea, many don’t but note that the cable wire is the most paramount thing there.

If you computer switches off and you really need to open or read a document on your flash drive then remember that your android phone isn’t just for browsing, tweaking or business but also useful in that area.

2. A Mouse or Keyboard will work on your OTA Phone:-

A little bit tensed, yea, you ought to be. Because when my pad got a litte bit nasty like typing faster than I have pressed or most time, types slowly than I pressed, so I decided to use my OTA phone with it and confounded within me, the stuff worked and since, the idea of me getting another smartphone is like a waste but I will get oh.

3. OTA Phone Allows you to Charge Your Phone with Another phone or vice versa:-

The part of Nigeria that does not have constant lights always goes mad when Nepa Lights is off, so anybody whose phone is off will by all means look for charging place but if they come across this, then I hope the thought of buying power bank will be wipe away.

This works faster when it comes to charging. The steps is somehow popular but note that it is not all android smartphone supports that type of feature, so if your supports it fine but if it doesn’t… Speechless!

4. OTA Phone will Use an External Video Game Pad:-

This i weird or probably a lie (some Nigerians will say) but it works like mad, all you have to is to get your own working xbox game controller for your smartphone.

Please, you are advised to make use of USB BT JoyCenter app with its Joy2Touch plugin. With this you can use almost any unsupported game controller with any game and map the buttons just the way you want it.

5. You can use your OTA phone with a 3G MODEM:-

Yea, this is the place I love most, I just love browsing, I also love surfing the net. So anytime, I feel like flexing the net and I am having some hidden problems from my villa with my own data connection, I just swirch on the WIFI and plug in the cable and GBAM, and I start moving like spider!

6. Transfers files between two Phones:-

This is the most popular step of all and it works like as if, you are making use of xender, flashshare but do you one thing, it goes 100% faster than flashshare and its groups, it is just the fastest method!

Where to Buy OTA CABLE


Where to Buy Xbox Wireless Controllers


This is going to be the reviews for today, stay with us and we will make sure that you received more of them. Ensure that your friends view this heart blowing features of OTA phones by sharing this post using the below share buttons.

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