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LG display also supplied OLED display for iPhone Xs and Xs Max

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Samsung is slowly loosing its first place in the iPhone OLED screen display producers. After the official launch of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, Apple adds that most of the OLED display used was supplied by LG.

We are all aware that Samsung is currently the best OLED screen display makers world wide, later joined by LG. Although, there are other choices like Boe’s, etc. Samsung made a lot of cash from iPhone X than its owned Galaxy S8.

Apple has been using LCD, Liquid Retina display on its iPhone series but in 2017, iPhone X is the company’s first Smartphone to arrive with OLED display and Apple were completely dependent on Samsung mobile, as its huge supplier.

But in 2018, Apple reportedly selected iPhone LG display as its second supplier for the recent iPhone series, which was announced on 12th of September. Although, rumors of Apple adding LG display to its OLED suppliers has been speculated few months ago.

iPhone Xs Max
iPhone Xs Max

Apple removing Samsung display as their only source and sole-supplier of OLED display will reduce the costs, LG display might bring in a cheaper rates. Samsung has been controlling the pricing for their products but with LG entering the limelight, it will reduce Apple’s reliance on Samsung.

LG display is the second supplier for iPhone Xs and Xs Max but if deals moves faster combined with the competition of the huge rivals -Apple and Samsung, the company might make LG display, the largest supplier of OLED screen display for the new series.

Anyways, LG display failed to meet Apple’s demands requirement for OLED display. iPhone Xr is out of the picture, as Apple used LCD, Liquid Retina display. Although, LG V30 comes with OLED screen but it was a half-failure and half-success.

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