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After the launched of the LG G6, G6+ and the V30 Android Smartphones, the South Korean company is set to launch the LG G7 and it was expected to arrive more faster in 2018.

Well, in 2017, we have the LG G6 and later, we also had the G6+ both featuring a mouth-watering specifications. One of the most amazing specs on the LG G6+ is the FacePrint!

Although the LG V30 features a bezel-free design, we are also expected to see the almost or the same design with a more eye-catchy ration.


Rumored LG G7 Specs

And it is rumored to also arrive with a powerful Snapdragon 845 chipset and have an OLED screen. The new industry trend has shifted toward OLED technology, which offers improved contrast, power efficiency, and thinner screens compared to LCD.

And also, the G7’s Snapdragon 845 is rumored to be anywhere from 20 to 30 percent more powerful than the 835, which itself was already about 30 percent more powerful than the 821, while consuming 40 percent less energy, according to Qualcomm’s estimations at the time.

LG G7 is said to arrive with a 5G modems, meaning the potential for superfast data speeds should linger inside LG’s next flagship.

We will most likely see the LG G7 running on Android 8 Oreo, as the new operating system was announced in mid-2017.

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Rumored Price and Availability

Also recall that the G6 was released at MWC 2017 and the LG V30 at IFA 2017. So at the MWC 2018, we are expected to receive the LG G7 from the prosperous company.

Might be priced at $700 at retail, around $729 ((about £568, AU$967).

Stay Glued, More Rumors coming!

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