Lenovo announces 5 tablets while Tab E7 comes with Android Go

Chinese multinational technology company, Lenovo announces 5 new tablets at once. The latest Android tablets from Lenovo include Tab P10, Tab M10, Tab E10, Tab E8, and Tab E7.

The new tablets are categorized into budgeted E-series, mid-ranged E-series and the high premium P-series. However, the official launch for the Tab M10 and Tab P10 has not not yet been announced.

The new Lenovo Android tablets were launched to continue the 2017 lineups. The Chinese company might bring in five new tablets but the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 proved that Android tablets might live a little while.

Lenovo Android Tablets Specs

The starting price of these Android tablets is $70 and there is the Android Go model. Lenovo spiced up the lineups and it is quite impressive, providing a higher-premium tab, down to mid-range and then, the low end. Hence, all classes of customers are targeted.

The wide range of tablets focuses on screen sizes, big down to smaller sizes. Furthermore, the likes of E-series come in 7″ / 8″ and 10-inch models, while the premium P10 and M10 are available in a 10-inch display.

From all perspectives, the Android tablets are quite similar to what Lenovo has been offering for a long time now. The tablets aim at budgeted and family purposes. The Tab E7 offers more than 9 hours of battery life. They are all expandable up to 256GB via a microSD card slot.

However, note that the new Lenovo Tab E7 Android tablet will be officially released in October exclusively at Walmart. Meanwhile, the prices and availability of the Tab M10 and Tab P10 are yet to be known.

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