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Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is a $50 alarm clock with Google Assistant

    Along with other devices, the South Korean tech company, Lenovo introduces a Smart clock that uses Google Assistant, it is the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential that costs $50, which is cheaper when you dive into the voice-assistant clock market.

    The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is the successor of the Lenovo Smart Clock that released last year. The company is offering a cheaper Google Assistant-powered alarm clock by your bedside.

    With Google Assistant inbuilt, the Clock essential can stream playlists and podcasts, adding items to your shopping lists, making calls, and controlling compatible smart devices.

    It comes with a simple task, a LED display that shows the time, date ambient temperature, and weather forecast. Lenovo also built a night light that ensures more visibility at night.

    Although it is quite different from the predecessor, as it offers a quaint LED display that can be viewed from nearly any angle or brightness, but it does lack the touchscreen feature that was on the Smart Clock.

    Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with USB port for charging

    The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is a connected digital smart clock and comes with a four-inch screen and a soft grey finish design. The alarm clock can be either be set up using voice or even from the buttons on the clock.

    Similar to the Smart Clock, the Smart Clock Essential comes with buttons on the top which you can use to set timers and control the speaker volume, from low to high. This is more appreciable at the time of the noisy or yelling period.

    Lenovo in a press release “Building on the Lenovo Smart Clock for the bedroom, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential extends the same hands-free, time-saving convenience to the rest of the home, offering full voice support with Google Assistant,”

    However, like other touchscreen smart displays out there, the Smart Clock Essential comes with smart functions that are accessible through voice commands, and the assistant can control over 40,000 smart home devices.

    Unlike other Smart clocks that incorporate video chatting, streaming, internet browsing, smart-home controls, and any other functions you can think of into one device, the Smart Clock Essential is just a clock with Google Assistant!

    Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

    You can also ask it to play you some music or tunes using the 3W 1.5-inch speaker, which is identical to the Smart Clock’s speaker, that delivers strong audio for such a small device.

    The Smart Clock Essential from Lenovo comes with an option that allows you to plug your phone into the USB port on the back for a night charge. It costs €60/$50 and will be available next month.

    Also, the company has other voice-assistant clocks, where the Smart Clock goes for $79.99 and a lineup of larger and expensive smart displays, a 7-inches for $99, an 8-inch for $149, and a 10-inches for $199.