Although, we have seen companies trying to popularize the term; FullView display, bezel-less design but sincerely, none of the Smartphone maker was able to introduce device with ‘true bezel-less design’ or ‘all-screen display’

Anyways, various companies has tried to offer all-screen such as Mix Mix 2 with 91.3 percent screen-to-body ratio but it still requires a bezel along the bottom to host the phone’s front-facing camera.

Another Chinese company, Vivo brings in a concept Smartphone known as Apex and it uses a pop-up selfie camera to help trim the bezels and unlike the iPhone X, the phone needs a slight chin to hide the OLED’s display controller while Apple launches the notch display and avoided the chin by folding the OLED panel back underneath itself.

lenovo true all true screen

This time around, Lenovo vice president Chang Cheng has leaked a photo on China’s Weibo social network showing a full screen bezel-less display. The teased photo hid the camera pixels but we are still curious, how does it intend to pop-up the front camera lens for selfies.

And if this tends to be true, then the Lenovo upcoming device will be first Smartphone to spots the highest screen-to-body-ratio of 95%. All the specs are not yet out but we are still wondering, how the company will keep that title.

Cheng also says the Z5 will include four technological breakthroughs, including 18 patented technologies. Lets watch out for the upcoming Lenovo device.

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