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Lastpass Free vs Premium: The average internet user has an email address or two. However, other web-based services may require that you sign up or create an account. Creating an account requires the use of a username and a password. Finding a suitable username and password is not a hassle.

However, if you have up to ten or more online accounts, you may have trouble remembering all your usernames and passwords. Some individuals try to counter this problem by using the same username and passwords for all their online accounts.

This action creates a security risk, and we do not recommend this. Other people write down the usernames and passwords of all their accounts in a notebook; This could lead to a security breach if someone else finds your notes. A solution to this problem is ‘LastPass’.

LastPass is a password manager that stores all your usernames and passwords. This tool is essential for individuals who would like to ensure the safety of their online accounts.

By using LastPass, you will be able to secure your online accounts without having to remember or write down numerous high strength passwords. You can use LastPass on your computer or your phone (using the LastPass app).

In this article, we will list the features of LastPass password manager. We will also explain how LastPass works. There are different plans for using LastPass; these are the free, premium and family plans. These plans will be described briefly.  Lastly, we will analyze the free and premium plans, state the similarities between these plans and also explain how they differ.

We hope that using this article; you will be able to decide which LastPass plan to use.

lastpass free vs premium
Lastpass Personal Pricing

What are the features of LastPass?

1. Password vault: A password vault is a place where all your passwords, login data, personal information and credit card data is stored.  You can save information in the LastPass vault by entering the information and saving it manually. However, your login information is saved by LastPass when you log in to any new accounts.

Importantly, you can edit, delete, and share the information in the LastPass Vault. You can access your LastPass vault even when you are not with your laptop or computer. If you are using a different device, you can download the extension and log in to LastPass to access the data in your vault.

2. Information Autofill: When you start using LastPass, you will be able to save your username, password and the website this information is linked to. When you need to enter your username and password on a website that you have previously saved, LastPass will handle the task. This is convenient and ideal if you do not wish to enter your private information while in public or on your phone.

This autofill feature is not limited to your login information. You can also save other information like your address, phone number, credit card data, and billing information. This feature is useful if you shop from different online stores but do not wish to store your information on the website. Using autofill could help you summarize your logins to one-click actions.

3. Digital Wallet: Digital wallet refers to any means through which you can pay for purchases or perform transactions without using cash, credit cards or debit cards.

LastPass has a digital wallet that is protected against security breaches. In this wallet, you can store your payment information. This includes credit card and debit card information, online banking data, and billing information. The information stored in your LastPass digital wallet can be used to make payments even if you are not with your credit or debit cards. The digital wallet can also help you fill in payment information and make payments faster.

4. Password Generator: The LastPass password manager also has a password generator which reduces the risk of a security breach. Many individuals use the same password for multiple online accounts. Using the same password puts all your accounts at risk of being breached. To ensure that your online accounts are secure, the first step you should take is to change your passwords.

LastPass has a password generator that can help you create unhackable passwords for all your online accounts. The generated passwords are long and contain numbers, symbols, special characters, as well as upper and lower case letters. The complexity of each password will guarantee the safety of your account. If you are unable to recall the multiple complex passwords, you can save the passwords in the LastPass vault.

5. Username Generator: Emphasis is usually placed on creating a complex password but your username matters as well. Many individuals use the same username on all their online profiles, and this makes their accounts prey to security threats. To prevent this situation from occurring, LastPass has a username generator that you can use to get different usernames for your online accounts.

6. Authenticator app: LastPass has an authentication feature that you can use if you have the app installed on your phone. If you are concerned about the safety of your LastPass account, you can set up two-factor authentication. When you log in to your LastPass account, you will receive a notification on your mobile device. If you accept that you are the one trying to gain entry into the account, you will be able to log in. The authentication step guarantees that your information is protected. The app is free and can be easily be installed on a smartphone.

how does lastpass works
How does Lastpass works

How to use LastPass

1. Download the LastPass extension in the browser store. Afterwards, install the extension in your browser. You will be able to use the LastPass icon on the toolbar of your browser to access LastPass.

2. Sign up to LastPass and create an account. While you are completing the signup process, you will need to provide a username and password. The password you provide needs to complex because it will be your master password. Do NOT use a password that has been used for another online account. We recommend that you use a combination of letters, numbers, symbols or use a long but easy to remember phrase.

3. Save information to the vault: After you have completed the signup process, you can start adding information and passwords to the vault. Aside from saving your passwords, you can go to the digital wallet section and save your credit card information and contact information.

If you do not want to enter any information manually, LastPass can save your username, password and other data whenever you log in to a new website.

4. Download the mobile app: If you would like to use LastPass on your mobile phone, you can install the app. If you want to use two-step authentication that LastPass offers then, you need to use the mobile app.

Importantly, all the information saved on your LastPass account will synchronize with your mobile device when you log in to your account using the app.

LastPass personal plans

If you would like to use LastPass for in your home, there are three plans you can use. There is a free plan, premium plan and family plan.

i. Free Plan: This plan does not cost anything. This is ideal for individuals who have never used a password manager and would like to try it out.

ii. Premium Plan: This is a paid LastPass plan that is great for people who need a password manager and would like the additional features of a premium plan. If you are using a free plan but would like to enjoy more benefits, you can pay for a premium plan. The premium plan costs $3 every month.

iii. Family Plan: The LastPass family plan is a premium plan that can be used by all the members of your family. With this plan, you pay $4 per month for your entire family to use LastPass.

Now that you know the plans available on LastPass, you may be wondering if you should use the free plan or pay for premium. You should also understand that the security of the free and premium is the same. The Premium account simply gives you more facilities.

To help you make your decision, we will list the features shared by the free and premium plans. Then, we will explain what features are only available on the premium plan.

LastPass auto-pilot

Features available on the LastPass free plan and premium plan

1. Single user: Individuals who use a free plan or premium plan can not share their account with other  people or their family.

2. Autofill: When you save information in the vault, you will be able to enjoy the autofill feature. Your password, username or credit card information will be automatically entered at the login or payment page.

3. LastPass Vault: The vault is the place where usernames, passwords, financial information and addresses are saved. This feature is available on free and premium plans. The information in the vault is encrypted to protect your data from being stolen.

4. Multiple device access: You can sign in to your LastPass account and use the information saved in the vault regardless of the device you signed up with. If you signed up using a computer, you could use LastPass on your phone or tablet device.

5. One to one sharing: Password sharing is not advised, but it may be necessary. If you share an online account with someone, you will be able to share your password with that single individual using LastPass.

6. Password generator: The free and premium plan has the password generator feature. You can generate a new complex password when you are signing up to open a new online account.

7. Secure notes: LastPass is a password manager, but you can also use it to store a backup of all your passwords, personal and important information. The backup of this information is encrypted by LastPass.

8. Security Challenge: Periodically, you can use this feature for auditing the passwords you have saved in the vault. The audit will tell you how well protected your accounts are. The review will also recommend the passwords that you need to change. Repeating this audit every few months will ensure that your online accounts are always secure.

9. Multi-factor authentication: Individuals with a free or premium LastPass account will be able to set up two-step authentication. Apart from entering their master password, they will need to follow another step to log in to their LastPass account. This provides a second security measure that ensures your LastPass account is not breached.

10. LastPass Authenticator app: You can download the authenticator app on your mobile device. This app can be used to guarantee the security of your LastPass account.

The above-stated features are available on the LastPass free plan and premium plan. However, there are a few more features you enjoy when you pay for the premium plan.

lastpass free vs premium

Additional features of the LastPass premium plan

1. Priority tech support: Individuals who are on the LastPass premium plan have their complaints and inquiries placed at the top of the queue. So, if you use a LastPass free plan, you may have to wait longer for your queries to be answered or for your problems to be solved.

2. One to many sharing: If you need to share your password or information with multiple individuals, you can use LastPass to share the data securely.

3. Emergency access: When it is necessary, you can share all your passwords with one individual or your emergency contact.

4. 1GB encrypted file storage space: Paying for a premium account allows you to store digital copies of important information in LastPass. You can make a digital copy of documents such as your passport, identification card, receipts of expensive purchases, certificates and save them on LastPass.

5. LastPass for applications: LastPass for applications is an app that can be installed on your desktop. Then, you will be able to add applications and the login information of these applications to LastPass. LastPass will autofill your saved login data when you open the application.

Now that you know the added benefits of the LastPass premium plan, you may be wondering which plan is better. You may also wonder ‘should I switch from the free plan to the premium plan?’

We recommend that you assess the features of each plan and choose the plan that suits your needs. If you do not need the added features of the premium plan, we recommend that you continue using the LastPass free plan. However, if you need any of the added features available with the LastPass premium plan, we suggest that you purchase the LastPass Premium Plan.

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