Konga Fall Yakata 2015 Black Friday

This is really amazing and awesome. This is going viral that is, it is going popular but there is something that you really need to know, Konga Fall Yakata is the new 2015 Black friday for Konga customer.

On the 27th of November which was announced world wide as the official date for 2015 Black Friday. Today, Konga has made the best out of it, this is really wonderful right?

But note that, Konga Fall Yakata 2015 Black Friday will going to be hot and there is one thing there, that is, it is all about fastest finger. Maybe, if you are not fast then, that means that you will out of budget but we do not pray for that.

Official Message from KONGA Black Friday Yakata Sale 2015

Christmas is coming up, and there’s no better way to celebrate it by discounting our products at an unbelievable rate. We bring Black Friday and Cyber Monday to Nigeria’s largest online mall, and we’re calling it “Fall Yakata”. Konga Yakata is upon us!

So what does Konga Yakata mean? Yakata is a Pidgin English adverb meaning things like completely, totally or utterly. So in this case all the prices are falling Yakata on Konga, hence Konga Yakata. The Konga Yakata Sale is the sale of all sales, with colossal price slashes. Plus, there’s free delivery to boot! The sale starts on Black Friday and ends on Cyber Monday, so if you’re looking to take advantage of these great deals, make some time for the Konga Yakata sale! Fastest fingers first as Fall Yakata will be a limited time deal.

So if you’re looking for the latest TV, mobile or laptop, you better get searching as soon as Black Friday starts. You may be asking why we’re holding the Fall Yakata sale. Well, it’s our opportunity for us to say thank you to all our customers that make Konga the number one shopping mall in Nigeria. So thank you all, and enjoy our low prices!


This is what Konga published on there official website, you can go and see for yourself. Enjoy the low price from Konga, note that Konga is always online and they have never gone offline since their introduction, so have faith in their server on black friday time.

This is another great concept for business and personal use. The best item that are being shipped on Konga 2014 Black friday are as follows:- Fashion, Baby Toys and Kids Cloth, Phones and Tablet.

When and Where To Start Shopping on Konga Fall Yakata 2015 Black Friday

The date is here, people are gathering, women, adults, men and even children are preparing, so why don’t you get prepared for Konga Black Friday.

But looking with my back eye *winks* it looks like 2015 Konga Black Friday will be all about shipping Phones and Tablets, Clothes and Laptops but maybe, the reverse will be case.

Many people will be asking, what does this black friday is all about? this is just the simple answer to this simple question, Black friday is general is a day of thanksgiving in the history of USA,, hence, after the thanksgiving, shops, malls, stores and online retail shop have seen it of celebration for there customer.

Now lets say, apart from the month of November and as scheduled date 27th, you want to buy any goods and the price is N50,000, Do you know that on Konga Fall Yakata Black Friday, there is every possibilities of getting it at the sum of just N25k to N30k, as you can see, there is a huge different there.

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