It is not real sha, but having the top most adorable and admirable celeb in your chatting list is one of the best thing almost everyone wants, your dreams can now come too past but in a tricky way.

The Reality Star, Kim Kardashian posted this on her twitter account on the 23rd of March, 2017. Kim tweeted a link to a Facebook Messenger bot which looked like her

Kim Kardashian is now Facebook Messenger but not as a real being but a customized being that replies within a seconds an interact with but something is weird and nice to bear also, if you indeed love her.

She said; “Guess what guys? I’m a bot! Let’s chat on Facebook Messenger! #KimKardashianGame …”

When I saw this, I was like “Mehn you are going to chat with KIM Bae” Sharply, I hooked up with Her look like bot and here is how it went;

kim bot chat 1

That was the first chat line and it looked quite amazing and somehow real but later on, I discovered something supernatural;

But is it compulsory, must I figure out the perfect outfit for her? Gush, that’s was when it hit me, Kim Kardashian’s new bot wants to solve puzzles with you and me, No! I don’t want to follow.

kim bot chat 2

Oh, still angry, I discovered, you have some selected words, you don’t say everything on your mind because if you do, you will get a reply saying “Sorry, we didn’t understand that message. Tap a choice to move forward or pick one of these help options:”

Then I was left with no choice than to STOP THIS BOT, crying… That is life, You can try yours, it might look more wonderful than mine. Good luck.

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