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How to download Kik messenger app – Kik Login Online No download

How to download Kik messenger app – Kik Login Online No download: Kik messenger is among the top messaging applications out there, and it commonly called Kik. It can be downloaded on any device or gadgets, Android Smartphones, iOS iPhones, PC, and Tablet devices. The Kik messenger is a freeware instant messaging mobile app from the Canadian company Kik Interactive, available free of charge on iOS and Android operating systems.

Like other messaging, it uses a smartphone’s data plan or Wi-Fi to transmit and receive messages, photos, videos, sketches, mobile webpages, and other content after users register a username. Kik messenger has been updated severally, but the latest version is bumped with bunch of newer features. Which will definitely make the users browsing experience more flexible, smart and faster.

It is no longer news that there are several messaging applications on the internet, but Kik messenger is quite different from others. It is not just available for Android and iOS but it is a free cross platform smartphone to smartphone messenger. They have over 300million users.

Kik messenger is known for its features preserving users’ anonymity, such as allowing users to register without providing a telephone number. That is the biggest advantage over other messaging app. But it uses logs user IP addresses, which the company can use to determine location.

What is Kik messenger?

The Kik messenger is a messaging application, that allows you to easily make new friends, chats and share credential information with your friends, family members and group members using the latest Kik messenger app on your Smartphone.

On Kik messenger, users can enjoy real-time conversations enabled by data plan that can be use all over the world. It supports notifications which categorized the messages sent, delivered, read. It also includes support for fast photo sharing, simple group chat, offline messages and push notifications.

kik apk app

Features of Kik messenger app

• Kik has a brand new look
• It’s more fun and easy to use
• Spend less time hunting for photos and GIFs and more time chatting with friends.
• Quickly find friends
• Start groups and discover bots with the “+” menu
• It’s easier to send your favorite photos, GIFs, stickers and smileys they’re under the text field for easy access
• When you have a lot to say and send several messages in a row, chat bubbles will group together
• Looking for faded D? We made the S, D and R colors darker!
• Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups
• Share pics, videos, gifs, games, and more
• Meet new friends with similar interests
• Parental Guidance
• Unique chatting experience
• Integrated web browser
• Simple user-interface
• Records video
• Retrieve older chats
• Continue chatting from where you left
• Customization features
• Six new chat themes now available on Kik

KIK has also introduced a full-screen chat browser to make sharing from web a sublime experience. The last in the trail of developments is the launch of a feature where users can send the previously recorded videos in KIK for Android and iOS.

How to download Kik apk app for Android

They are ways to download the latest Kik messenger apk app for Android Smartphone. You can choose to download from the company’s app store, or from Google playstore or without visiting any of the app stores.

• You have to visit Kik download portal
• Click on any of the download options
• Enter your number
• Open your phone message box
• Click on the messaged link
• It will redirect you to platform you chose
• Now create your account
• And start enjoying Kik messaging app

You can still go ahead and download Kik apk app via Google Playstore HERE or download Kik app via Apkpure HERE. Which isn’t associated with any store but still delivers the latest version of Kik messenger app. The app was last updated on November 1st and it has over 100m+ downloads.

How to download Kik for iPhone iOS

As well as there is an official app for Android Smartphone via the .apk file, there is also Kik for iPhone running on iOS platform. Here is how to download Kik for iOS iPhones:

• Launch your iPhone
• Go to iTunes and download HERE
• Launch the app
• Register with your number and email
• After verification, you can now enjoy Kik app


• Visit Kik download portal
• Click on the download options
• Enter your number
• Open your phone message box
• Click on the messaged link
• It will redirect you to platform you chose
• Now create your account
• And start enjoying Kik messaging app

How do I download Kik on my PC?

You might be wondering, can you go on Kik on the computer? or can I use Kik on my laptop? Well, the answer is yes, you can easily download Kik messenger apk app and use it on your PC, laptop or computer without any hassle. Kik app is not available on PC but you can use it by download any Android emulator for PC. This is how to download Kik apk for PC:

• Download any Android emulator, e.g Bluestacks, Genymotion, Andyroid
• Install and launch the emulator
• Download the Kik apk file above
• Save it as .apk
• Now right click the apk file
• Choose “Open with”
• Then choose your emulator
• Or double click on the Kik .apk file
• Then the Android emulator will launch the Kik app

You are golden, enjoy the ride with Kik messenger app, find your friends, chat with them and ensure that you at least find a group and create your own bot.

kik messenger app

How to download Kik for Mac

Sorry, but you still need an emulator. It is obvious that Windows has a Kik app along with Android but Mac is still left out. You can still use the Kik app on a Mac, you just need an emulator:

• Download and install Bluestacks for Mac
• Open the app and register it
• Double click the Google Play Store on the Home screen
• Search for the Kik app and install it
• Double click the Kik app icon.
• Register or Log in
• Find your friends or join a public chat or group.

How to use Kik and make friends

What is the essence of download a messaging app, and you really don’t have anyone or anybody to chat with. No friends + no groups = No conversation raise to power boredom. Here, we will show you to use Kik app and find friends:

• Complete your profile and set photo
• Kik on phone, please allow Contact Address Book Matching
• Go to settings and share your profile
• Choose any social network and share it
• To add friends, tap on the ‘+’ button
• Tap find people
• Choose any of the following:
+ Find friends by Username
+ Find friends by Contact
+ Find friends by Kik Code

How to Join Public Group on Kik

Well, you’ve finally understand how to find friends, and you have some cool friends, you can chat with. But, the real truth is that, you need a serious group, that you can fully participate. Here is how to find and join groups on Kik:

• Select the ‘+’ button in the Kik chat window.
• Select Public Groups from the popup at the bottom.
• Add a hashtag followed by a keyword for a group you might like to join.
• For example, try #soccer, #GoT, #Denver, #Metal. #DallasCowboys etc
• Tap a public group to learn more about it.
• Select Join Public Group if you want to join and start chatting.

Although, you can still use Kik friend finder to get some few friends you can chat with, alongside with public groups that fit your interest.

How to add Zo to your group is a social AI bot with #friendgoals. Well, Microsoft and Kik worked together to introduce the new Kik chatbots, and thankfully, you can add it to your public or private groups. Adding Zo to your group is as easy as adding another member:

• Start by chatting with Zo in a one-to-one chat
• For admin, tap on the group title in the chat
• Which will take you to the settings
• Now scroll down to ‘Add People.”
• In the search settings, start typing ‘’
• Select Zo from the list
• It will be automatically added

One thing about the new AI bot, is that, it makes your group is a great way to keep the conversation going!

How does the Zo work

It was developed by Microsoft and Kik, the social AI bots learns from human interactions to engage in culturally and socially relevant chat, and acquires her knowledge from Bing.

By evolving Zo’s capability from one-to-one chats to Kik group chats, Microsoft is furthering its research into how AI technology can empower people to make social connections.


You can invite Zo into your group to:

• Play games such as:
– TrivAI
– Two Truths and a Lie
– Guess the Glitch, etc
• Hang out, and
• Chat
• Laugh at your jokes
• Gush on that pic of your delicious lunch
• Punny

As an Artificial Intelligence bot, Zo’s casual, snarky attitude makes for epic group convos – groups who’ve played with Zo drop compliments like “Zo’s savage” and “who knew AIs could be so funny.”

Kik Login Online No Download

Would it be a joke, or will you find it funny, if I had inform you that, you can still make use of Kik app without downloading any sort of Android apk app, iPhone iOS app, Bluestacks emulator and many others? Well, the truth is that, you can easily use Kik Messenger online without downloading the app.

Kik login online no download method is the fact that you can use the Kik Messenger application on your desktop with no difficulties at all. Kik login online offers you a high-end flexibility that can’t be afforded by a Smartphone application. Another great reason as to why you should consider Kik online is because it saves you time and space.

Kik Login Online

Kik Login Online with No Download simply refers to using Kik on a computer without downloading an Android emulator. And Kik itself supports this features, but before you proceed, you have to create a new account but if you have an already registered account, it will be simple to login and begin Kik-ing.

• Boot ON your PC / Smartphone
• Now go to Kik login online website
• Enter your username
• Enter your Password
• Tick ‘Remember Me’
• Click on Login

That is it, you have finally log into your Kik account without any need of Android emulator.

kik login online

Kik Login Online via Manymo

The Manymo is an online Android emulator that allows you to easily login to your Kik online account, without no need of download or installing any app / software. Manymo works fine on all popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. But for Manymo to work, you will need to download Kik .apk file in your system.

• Go to the official Manymo website HERE
• Login to Kik Online
• Create an account to use this online emulator
• Sign into Manymo using your account details
• Launch the emulator now
• When asked if you want to launch the emulator with an ‘app’ or with a ‘URL’
• Select ‘Launch with an app”
• Select the Kik for pc .apk
• After some few seconds, the Kik Messenger for PC will launch
• Now sign in with your Kik account and enjoy chatting with your friends from a computer

Unfortunately, they are bunch of ways to use Kik Login Online no download but unfortunately, other blogs and websites are pushing emulator apps, such as Bluestacks and Genymotion forward. Meanwhile, they don’t have an online version. Hence, you will be required download the emulator. If you have any news, please don’t fail to reach out to us.

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