Without a doubt the Kardashian family is one of the most famous families on tv with literally millions of viewers waiting expectedly for their next antics.

With over a decade of shows the Kardashians have a huge fan following, in fact you’ll look a long way to find someone who has never watched a season.

The Kardashians is one of the longest running reality shows and right now we are preparing for season 17.

So, what can we expect in season 17?

There will definitely be more drama in this season. With Khloe still getting over her split with the baby’s father Tristan Thompson while still having to deal with her own personal problems we can expect things to develop here.

Khloe admits that she is having therapy to help her handle the split in this relationship which she is hoping will help. Tristin wants to try again but Khloe is simply not interested in that. There’s an awkward moment as Tristin arrives at the baby’s first birthday party.

The couple try to act normally in front of their daughter but find this impossible once Kim appears on the scene. Kim, still struggling with her health wonders what is wrong with her as she is tired all the time, and her hands are swollen. She fears arthritis, pays a visit to the doctor and gets some unexpected news. We’ll have to wait and see what the news is, but could it involve buying more baby clothes?

After the reaction we saw from Khloe when she transitioned from a silent rage into a drunk and angry person, we can expect to see more about how she reacts to news of the scandal. The previous season saw her using the ‘F’ word many times, so we know how angry she was when she found out that Triston cheated on her again.

The person he cheated with was Kylie’s best friend Jordan and the hook-up took place at a house party. Since that event the entire family of the Kardashian/Jenner families unfollowed Tristan and Jordan on social media. Unbeknown to the others Kylie is still in contact with Jordan.

Keeping up with the Kardashians season 17

In season 17 we can expect to see how the scandal has affected Khloe both mentally and emotionally.

There is also more focus on the new generation in season 17 with Kourtney and Scott’s son appearing more. Their oldest son Mason will also play a bigger part in the series. It will be more focused on the kids and how they start to develop.

Mason became in the previous season, one very adorable child. He admitted out loud that he loved his mom, thanked her for everything and admitted that he thought she was the coolest thing. He also showed he was grateful for her paying for his hip-hop class and the PC she bought him.

Bringing the kids into the picture will perhaps lighten up some tense moments between the adults, which will be interesting.

Kourtney faces the fact that she is about to turn 40 years old and Kylie focuses on her relationship with her daughter Stormi. She is on the lookout for love and looks back at her life although she admits she is not really sure what she wants in a relationship. Khloe questions her about whether she would consider going back to ex-husband Scott and she seems unsure, so we’ll have to see how that one pans out.

During a conversation with sister Khloe Kourtney admits she is not happy at turning 40, she says that she feels she should sit back and analyse her life. She’s very anxious.

Have the tissues at hand because there are some real tear-jerker scenes with Kourtney crying on Khloe’s shoulder. Khloe assures her they are all there for her and support her and they all want her to be happy. We may wonder if this is a sign that Kourtney could leave the series?

The teaser ends with Kim receiving a call from her mom Kris telling her that the ambulance has been called after an accident. We’ll need to wait to find out more about that.

Another clip about season 17 is that all the Kardashian women along with Kendall Jenner head of to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is apparently for some much-needed family bonding time. We can expect a few heart-to-heart conversations when they all get together, maybe even a few tense scenes.

To sum up

As all avid fans know, drama is never far away when it comes to the Kardashian family. We will certainly see a fair amount of it in season 17, there is no reason why it will not be as adventure filled as the previous seasons.

Keeping up with the Kardashians season 17 will be filled with shocking revelations and unexpected twists – don’t even try to predict some of them!

There will be a family emergency when we see who rallies around to help, and we’ll see more of the younger kids which will be great. Here’s hoping that they start their lives off in a positive way and stay nice kids as they get older.

One thing is sure about season 17, it will not be dull and boring so if you’ve never watched the series before you may want to binge watch the other seasons so that you are all caught up when season 17 starts.

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