Jumia Hosting a 6-Hours 80% OFF Game of Deals

This is really growing, the last time, it was Konga Mega Monday Madness and now, Nigeria #1 Online Retail Shopping Center is having a great deal off.

Konga own was 80% or 90% off and now, Jumia has also started theirs and it looks like Jumia 80% off wants to be the best, however, according to the hours, Jumia hours would lasts longer than Konga Madness!

How Would the Jumia Games of Deal be like?

Jumia’s Game of Deals would feature colossal discounts as high as 80% across all categories for a whooping 6hours from 10am to 4pm. It seems like a quarter of a day, but will appear meager as many itchy fingers would eager to grasp a bit of the pie or the whole pie.

One vital detail about the Game of Deals is that all prices must die! Jumia will fall, to rise again! The Game of Deals is on Thursday, 22ndof October, 2015. It is undeniably too good to be true and it would be here before you say Jumia!

Start Shopping of the 22nd of October @***** JUMIA 80% OFF Game of Deals! ****** Start Shopping Now!!

Now you have an impeccable opportunity to get those shoes you have been lusting after, that sleek phone with all the right curves & edges, a gift to make your loved one happy, the PS4 or Xbox One to fulfill your gaming fantasy.

Remember the dates, remember the time, remember what you need to buy, just forget about the expenditure, remember the hours, your wants and not your need!

Recall that the time is from 10am to 4pm. The date is 22nd of October. The website is JUMIA not Konga.

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