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Jiji Online shopping is gradually becoming one of the biggest online portal for all Nigerians, who are solely interested in growing their buying and selling business, such as cars, laptops, phones, tablet, TV, DVD, clothes, Jiji jobs etc.

The Nigeria’s leading online marketplace with over N150,000 ads and 4.6million visits per month, Jiji Nigeria was officially founded in Lagos in 2014 and it provides security measures for both buyers and sellers.

However, in a bid to expand their horizon by every possible means. Jiji acquires OLX, which happens to be one of the biggest rivals, competitor and choice of customers to Jiji.

For both parties, they have successfully provided substantial online place for curating business opportunity. They both provides good business measures, for protecting the customers.

Jiji Online Shopping

Surprisingly, Nigerian Shopping App Jiji continues growing its marketplace using mobile native ads. In a simple and short summary, Jiji is Nigeria’s leading online marketplace that provides thousands of buyers and sellers with an avenue to meet and exchange goods and services.

They are bunch of reasons, benefits and reasons to purchase your next goods from the online marketplace. And much more for sellers, who are interested in selling their goods on the platform.

Jiji online shopping is one of the best platform for sellers and buyers. For sellers, when you post your ads and sponsor the ads, it’ll show in the uppermost of the website, thereby, attracting more customers.

While on the other hands, when you post your ads without sponsoring it, then it’ll be placed under the paid adverts, which will NOT attracts customers.

Jiji online shopping allows you as either a seller or buyer to either sell and buys stuffs like laptop, cars, phones, clothes, shoes, electronics like TV, DVD, and it also provides Jiji jobs.

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Jiji Founder

Jiji was actually founded in Lagos, 2014. And the founder of the Jiji Nigeria is Anton Wolyansky, who is the company’s CEO. This is for founding references and informational purposes.

While in autumn 2015 Jiji started a project known as Jiji blog, which provides visitors with the information on business, technologies, entertainment, lifestyle, tips, life stories, news.

They have received bunch of naming awards, and the social network page has increased drastically. Thereby, making their social presence an awesome place of selling stuffs also.

Jiji statistics

According to the January 2018 statistics, Jiji held over 800,000 ads, which attracts over 160,000 sellers and 7 million original users per months. Jiji is one of the main online retailers of the country.

All the 160,000 sellers and 7million users are looking for bargains in cars, household goods, mobile phones, cosmetics, toys, pets, livestock, electronics, services, and most recently, to look for jobs vacancies.

For its ranking, Jiji is categorized as the top most visited #6,000 websites in the world, and under #50 as the most visited websites in Nigeria. The numbers keeps on changing due to time continuation.

And it is reported, that the website has under $1m valuation for its visitor traffic, along with daily $1,069 TAC and a monthly $32,073 for monthly on advertising.

Jiji Categories

– Jiji Cars: new cars for sale in Lagos and Nigeria, used cars for sale in Lagos and Nigeria, tokunbo cars for sale in Nigeria, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Lexus & more;

– Jiji Phones: smartphones, feature phones & all kinds of mobile phones;

– Jiji Fashion: latest ankara styles, latest lace styles, clothing, dresses, shoes, bags & more;

– Jiji Health & Beauty: fragrance, makeup, skin care, tools, vitamins & more;

– Jiji Houses: house for rent in Lagos and Nigeria & more;

– Jiji Electronics: laptops, sound systems & more;

– Jiji Home Appliances & even more categories;

– Jiji Jobs: jobs in Lagos, jobs in Abuja, latest jobs in Nigeria.

Download Jiji App for Android and iOS

For intensive buying and selling convenience, Jiji Nigeria has a mobile app version of the website, which is available for both operating system, Android and iOS.

Like already aforementioned, Jiji Nigeria is the biggest online shopping classified in Nigeria. Jiji.ng is a marketplace where you can buy and sell anything online: new and used cars, phones, fashion clothing and shoes, electronics, houses and job vacancies.

For Smartphones running on Android OS, then you can download from Google Playstore HERE. You can also download for iPhone IOS device via itunes HERE.

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How to advertise on Jiji

On this sub-article, you will learn how to advertise on Jiji Nigeria. If you have a products, such as phone, TV, dvd, laptop or others, then you can take a picture to sell it on the marketplace by following the below procedures:

1. Go to the official website or app

2. Click on Post ad

3. Select the Category

4. Select Sub-category

5. Upload 2 different picture of the ads

6. Enter the price, (if it is negotiable, please select the box)

7. Choose the Region and Place

8. Now tap on Post ad

9. They’ll review the ads

10. You will receive an email when the ads is approved and published

How to buy from Jiji

It is much simpler when buying than selling. If you are interested to purchase a second hand products from other sellers on Jiji, then you can easily following the below processes:

1. Go to the website or launch the app

2. Now search for the best products with fair price

3. Now click on the product/ads link

4. Now you can start the chat or call the phone number

5. Scroll and request the seller to call you back

According to the Google Play statistics, Jiji App is in the list of ten most downloaded apps in Nigeria.

How to buy / stay safe on Jiji

As usual, they are fake sellers, you really don’t have to believe the pictures neither should you be totally and ultimately convinced from your chatting.

But they are security measures that must be take care of, in order not to fall a victims of online scamming or fraud. We have listed them out.

1. Chat cautiously – Don’t just believe the words, contact Jiji when something is missing.

2. Don’t believe just the online picture.

3. When the deal via chatting is done, meet the seller in a public place like bank, market or roundabout/expressway.

4. Now take a serious look at the products, and check if the appearance is okay, and if it is serviceable.

5. For cars, please take your mechanic with you.

6. You must exchange the item and money at the same time, to avoid further discussion.

7. Do not pay before receiving the products.

8. Do not disclosed your bank details such account number, passwords etc.

9. Avoid email from Jiji asking for your bank details or any important personal details, as Jiji won’t ask you of that.

10. Lastly, avoid low priced products, that looks too good to be true.

Jiji is actually the best and leading online marketplace for Nigeria, and other countries in the continents. However, they have proven to be the best. But you can try it out, and see for yourself! They are good, and considerable for second-hand products purchases!

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