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Updates: Everything you must know about JAMB 2020 Registration

Finally, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB has started the registration for the 2020 UTME. All interested candidates are ready to commence their registration today, the 13th of January.

JAMB 2020 is ongoing, but students are still curious about the registration, e-pins, e-facility, the dates when are the form closing and many others.

In this article publication, we will ensure everything is totally cleared up and every student will definitely be happy about this rugged 2020 JAMB UTME Update.

JAMB Dates

Knowing the JAMB dates is essential, the commencement of selling registration form, the closing date of the registration form, the starting of examination date, and the closing date for the examination.

a. Registration begins January 13th, 2020.

b. Registration ends 17th February 2020,

c. NOT YET ANNOUNCED: Examination begins March 16th, 2019, extended to 11th of April, 2019

For foreign candidates, and applicants, they must understand that the dates are all the same. The commencements of the registration form, examinations, and the closing dates remain unchanged.

JAMB utme de registration

Where to register for JAMB 2020?

Although, some of the students for the JAMB examination are searching for “where to buy JAMB 2020 registration form” and “how to fill the form up”

These questions have been thoroughly treated severely, but some students still fail to read comprehensively, that is not welcoming.

Understand that, JAMB has canceled all Cybercafe from registering students for the JAMB, and only approved accredited JAMB CBT centers are authorized to meet these requirements.

Requirements and Information

JAMB has released the comprehensive entry requirements for admission into the First Degree, National Diploma (ND), National Innovation Diploma (NID) and Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) programs.

1. The requirements include: Five (5) O’Level Credit passes including the English Language. Please, note that all the details are available in the eBrochure which would be given to each Candidate at the JAMB accredited CBT centers and State-Offices.

2. It is also available for download at and on Android Mobile App(JAMB IBASS) from the Google Play store.

3. Note: Please, for goodness sake DO NOT GIVE YOUR PASSWORD to any center (or Cyber Café). Any center that asks for more than your profile code, email address, and the registration number is a fraudster. Do not give any password.

4. Candidates are to note that their 1st choice can be a College of Education, University, Innovative Enterprise Institutes, Polytechnics/Monotechnics, NDA (Nigerian Defence Academy) or Nigeria Police Academy.

5. All candidates must mandatorily register their profiles through text messages as illustrated above before proceeding to buy the ePIN.

6. The registration fee is non-refundable

7. Centers are allowed to charge not more than Seven Hundred Naira (₦700) only as registration fee. Any center that charges more than Seven Hundred Naira (₦700) should be reported to JAMB for appropriate sanctions

8. All CBT centers have been mandated to select any of the participating banks, MMOs, MFBs, etc. These financial institutions are to be present at the CBT centers for the purpose of collecting all fees. No CBT center staff is allowed to conduct direct cash transactions with the candidates.

9. Candidates are advised to read and understand the guidelines on admission and instructions on how to complete the online registration before commencing the process of registration

10. Multiple registrations are not allowed. Candidates who register more than once will be identified and disqualified

11. Candidates should note that they are required to be present and take live photograph which will be embossed on their result slips and admission letters. No scanned/stapled passport photograph is allowed.

10. Candidates are to note that irrespective of their choice of course of study, they will also be tested on a general text: Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi for UTME and “The Last Days at Forcados High School” by A.H. Mohammed for Direct Entry Candidates

11. Candidates/Officials would not be allowed to enter into the examination center with earphones, wristwatches, mobile phones, electronic devices, or any pen/biro. Only the common pencil is allowed.

12. Candidates are warned that the Board does not require nor authorize the services of ANY cyber cafe or establishment other than the accredited CBT centers for this exercise.


Registration Fees

Of course, the JAMB registration fee is Three Thousand Five Hundred (N3,500) Naira Only.

Additional Five Hundred (N500) Naira only, is paid to obtain the reading text “Sweet Sixteen” by Bolaji Abdullahi for UTME Candidates and “The Last Days at Forcados High School” by A. H. Mohammed for DE Candidates and $20 for Candidates from the eight foreign centers

A CD containing JAMB e-Syllabus, eBrochure, and other vital materials is also given free

Candidates should note that e-PINS purchased are tied to individual profile and are not transferable

Candidates are advised to keep as private and confidential their security details such as registration numbers, password/numbers of ATM Cards, email addresses, and e-PINs. No center is allowed to request for or accept a candidate’s password.

Registration Process

As usual, no candidate should register at any center other than the accredited CBT center and JAMB State-Offices. Any candidate who is registered outside approved centers will be identified and disqualified.

The interested candidate must provide the ePIN at any JAMB accredited CBT Centre for validation and completion of registration.

Candidates are to:

i. Pay NOT more than N700 as Service Charge to any of the accredited CBT Centres (Do not accept to leave your particulars for proxy registration. It will disqualify you)

ii. Provide your NIN number, which contains your Biodata including Date of Birth, Nationality, State of Origin, Local Government, Gender, e-mail address, telephone number, among others (It is wait and get service).

iii. Provide choice of institutions and programs (course of study)

iv. Provide qualification with grades and dates, if not awaiting result

v. Upload relevant certificates, if not awaiting result (this is applicable for both UTME and Direct Entry (DE) candidates

vi. O/L and or A/L grades are to be provided by candidates. Candidates who are awaiting results should supply (upload) the results online on CAPS (JAMB) as soon as they are available on JAMB’s portal. No recommendations from any Institution will be considered by JAMB if the candidate has not uploaded his/her result on the portal of JAMB

vii. Supply JAMB registration number for previous institutional certificates for DE only

viii. Provide UTME subjects and choice of examination town(s) for
(a) Mock examination (optional)
(b) Examination for UTME (actual examination)

ix. Do picture capture (no scanning of passport photograph)

x. Do Biometric enrolment (ten fingers)

xi. Review entries and confirm correctness

xii. Print Registration Slip USING BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION to confirm valid finger-print (UTME/DE). Note that authentication with your thumb removes blames of error from the CBT operators. Check before you conrm with your thumb.

xiii. Collect, at no other cost, the reading text and CD

xiv. Each Candidate is to collect his/her e-slip at the end of registration as evidence of registration

xv. There will be no offline registration, as all the accredited CBT centres have been empowered for real time online registration.

jamb centers

Profile Code Registration

i. One Cell (mobile) number (SIM) can be used by one candidate only. The Cell phone number used for the text message is automatically tied to the Candidate’s name and will be used in all communications related to his/her Application, Examination/Admission. NOTE THE SIM-NUMBER USED. IT IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE FOR SUBSEQUENT COMMUNICATION

ii. Candidate sends an SMS “NIN 1234567890” to 55019.

iii. A Profile Code of 10 characters is received by the candidate on the same telephone(SIM) number

iv. The candidate presents the profile code to the point of procurement of form (Banks, MMOs, MFBs, Switches, USSD Partners). The form- ePIN is then sent as a text message to the candidate

v. Candidate presents the ePIN at any JAMB accredited CBT Centre for registration

How to corrects Mistakes or loss of profile code

i. To correct a mistake in the candidate’s name, send the [CORRECT Surname First-Name Middle-Name] to 55019 as a text message from the same mobile number

ii. To retrieve a lost Profile Code, send [RESEND] to 55019 as a text message from the same mobile number

iii. Candidate can reset lost or forgotten Profile Password on their registered cell phone by sending [password] space [email address] to 55019 as a text message from the same mobile number

For ALL complaints on JAMB processes, candidates can create a support ticket at ( with his/her email address registered on the Board’s site.

The candidate then provides his/her name, phone number and the nature of the issue, selects a complaint area on a drop-down and then summarizes the nature of complaint. He/she may also attach supporting documents (if available) then send them.

95 thoughts on “Updates: Everything you must know about JAMB 2020 Registration”

  1. I used the sim I registered for last year’s jamb this year too since I was not given admission. Now as at today when I checked caps for anything at all I was still seeing the same details of last year In it. Sir is that a fatal error from me or jamb will still update the caps

  2. they change my surname to ojima and first name to faruk and middle name to haruna what can i do,because my surname is haruna and my first name is ojima and my middle name is faruk.

  3. if one mistakenly generate RRR for JAMB DE 2020 registration data correction without making the payment. would that affect his registration status or stop him/her from getting admission??

  4. pls sir,,, after trying to register for d.e nd even thumbprinting i saw an error message “this registration numba does not exist or this candidate was not given admission”
    but i was admitted by jamb for ND. pls i dunno if there is anytin i will need to do

  5. Avwunudiogba Oghenekevwe

    Please my names are incorrect and i would like to change it. i have already made payment to the bank. please help me sir

  6. Pls I have already registered before hearing that one has to change one’s line and e-mail..
    Pls hope it will not affect my exams and result?

  7. This is over two weeks ago my younger brother register jamb at ibute in ikorodu Lagos state

    Till date we have not received any email address message or confirmation of his Center or jamb number

    Why ?

  8. Please my daughter use email that she has not created on the jamb registration with the intention of creating it when she gets home but unfortunately when she got to cyber cafe she was told that the Gmail has been created by another person.please what can I do? Will she be able to do jamb.Please help me

  9. Hello here
    After paying for epin and creating my profile online myself.
    When I go to an accredited center to complete my registration and pay the said 700.
    Do i have the right to ask them for the book since i paid the 4k online.


    please I went to the bank and to pay for my jamb form after they give me a copy of a paper please is my e pin in that paper

  11. I went to ict today at ogbomoso oyo state to register for jamb they just just keep us waiting and the end of the day they dont register it for us they said that the service is not good please jamb office help us to do something quickly from ogbomoso oyo state thank.

  12. Sir,can i use the same email and phone number i used last year jamb 2019 to register jamb 2020 and please sir i pouches DE – PIN last year but i did not get do the registration please can i use it for the 2020 DE registration

  13. pls can I buy the e-pin, and register later, even after the Jamb portals has closed. pls, this is due to regularisation, I haven’t done it.

  14. Pls sir i registered for jamb since on 22nd of January 2020 up till now i don’t see any attachments or message on my email to show that i have registered for jamb


    As for me I went for my e pin today in post,but due to network i went to bank for another e pin,when I payed it,they now sent me e pin for the 1st one that there is no network then,now I received my e pin,ND in the bank they said I should come and collect my pin which I just pay for.should I go ND print d one sent to my email through quickteller?

  16. Sir please I never knew I didn’t have sufficient balance when I sent my name to 55019. I was ask to recharge and try again later which I did but since then no reply. What should I do?

  17. Good afternoon. I have gotten a profile code and E – Pin for 2020 JAMB registration but I cannot proceed with my online application because the cell phone number and email were used for 2018 registration. Please what do I need to do to proceed with my application??

  18. pls sir, I bought the e-pin but when they try to register me at the CBT center it shows invalid profile code pls what could be the problem. I’m direct entry candidate

  19. I uploaded my A’level and waec results to jamb portal, but my registration number is not on the utme list, please what can I do

  20. Marafa Abdulkadir Muhammad

    What the meaning of “u”automatically added to jamb registration when converted from utme to direct entry….

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  22. Oriyomi Michael ayobami

    Please, I registered with same email as of last year nd it’s still showing last year portal what can I do now that it’s late

  23. Pls i resgistered for jamb since 31 january bt still yet i aven’t receive a confirmation message on my email from jamb that i av did registered

  24. Please after registration can I log 8into my efacility or is it after exam cox I always try it and it shows incorrect password or email please what should i do

      1. Does that mean I won’t be able to check my result after the examination. can I go to any jamb office to check out my result

  25. Pls I opened a new email with someones phone,but can’t get access to it cos d alternative email address is not dia wat should I do pls I have already paid for every thing

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