It is no longer news that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB has commenced the 2020 UTME registration and the form is out for purchase.

However, concerning the candidate with numbers problem during registration, the Board’s Head, Media and Information, Dr. Fabian Benjamin gave a serious warning.

Anyways, we will list out all the information, instructions and warning given by the JAMB Board and its management. Including the official answers.

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JAMB utme de registration

Use the same with NIN for registration

This is very clear and understanding. Before we start receiving different complaints concerning interlinking different numbers for both NIN and JAMB registration.

You are to use ONE mobile phone number for NIN registration and JAMB UTME registration. JAMB board and its registrar made it clear that there’ll be consequences of numbers are confusing.

If you’ve used your mother’s, father’s, brother’s, sister’s or friend’s mobile phone to register for the NIN registration, then you just have to use that same number for JAMB registration.

ONLY ONE mobile number by Candidates

Before we begin, understand that ONE mobile phone number can be used by one candidate to register for the exam. Which gives birth to the next warnings.

Both brothers and sisters aren’t allowed to use the same phone numbers. If you are planning on using your family or friends’ number for registration, please stop it right now.

Two candidates will not use the same number

The first warning states that two candidates MUST NOT use a single GSM number. This is one of the most essential warnings, that will help students in the registration format.

According to Benjamin, all candidates desirous of registering for the examination must ensure that he or she starts off by sending his/her full name, (surname first) to the code provided by the board.

In doing this, candidates must ensure that no other person had used the telephone number for the same purpose.

“No two persons must use a single GSM number in commencing the registration process as it will not be acceptable.”

“Not even siblings are allowed to share a particular telephone number for this purpose.”

Even when done in the Past

“For instance, if candidate A had used a telephone number to send his name to the code in the past, candidate B, who is a sibling to A cannot use that number for that purpose again.

“The way it is configured is one individual to one telephone number that will remain exclusive to that single individual for the purpose of the entire examination process.

For failed candidate, there are other chances

During the 2019 registration period, JAMB registrar announced that students can easily use their phone numbers and emails from 2018 to register, only if they were NOT given admission but they were serious hiccups.

Well, most people like my siblings used their number and it went successfully, as JAMB updated their dashboard with the 2019 results and every other thing.

But on the other hand, some people who used the same numbers and email were unable to receive their updates on the JAMB e-facility portal.

Official Note: Now, if you were NOT given admission last year, 2019. It is still possible to register for the 2020 JAMB UTME with the same number and email but it is a little bit risky.

Which means that Candidate A, who probably might not have been able to pass the examination, can still use that particular line again to send his name to that code whenever the need arises.

To be on the safer side, you are strictly advised to use NEW PHONE NUMBER and NEW EMAIL ADDRESS for the JAMB 2020 UTME registration.


For missing numbers?

Anyways, if registered for JAMB UTME in 2019, and you failed to secure admission, but unfortunately, due to some conditions and circumstances, that SIM got missing.

Don’t worry, JAMB has got something for you, and it is the best option for you not to have any issue with JAMB.

Benjamin suggested that it would be safe to get a fresh telephone number for the purpose to send the code for the candidate’s profile number.

“No two persons can share a telephone number for the purpose of confidentiality.

“As a rule, it has always been one person to a telephone number to get a profile number that will enable candidates do the proper registration and capturing,’’ he said.

Officially Updated in 2020! Stay strong and read better.


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