JAMB UTME 2019 Registration: All problem with numbers SOLVED

It is no longer news that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB has commenced the 2019 UTME registration and the form is out for purchase.

However, concerning the candidate with numbers problem during registration, the Board’s Head, Media and Information, Dr Fabian Benjamin gave a serious warning.

Anyways, we will list out all the information, instructions and warning given by the JAMB Board and its managements. Including the official answers.

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Two candidates will not use the same number

The first warning states that two candidates MUST NOT use a single GSM number. This is one of the most essential warning, that will help students in the registration format.

According to Benjamin, all candidates desirous of registering for the examination must ensure that he or she starts off by sending his/her full name, (surname first) to the code provided by the board.

In doing this, candidates must ensure that no other person had used the telephone number for the same purpose.

“No two persons must use a single GSM number in commencing the registration process as it will not be acceptable.”

“Not even siblings are allowed to share a particular telephone number for this purpose.”

Even when done in the Past

“For instance, if candidate A had used a telephone number to send his name to the code in the past, candidate B, who is a sibling to A cannot use that number for that purpose again.

“The way it is configured is one individual to one telephone number that will remain exclusive to that single individual for the purpose of the entire examination process.

For failed candidate, you can still use it

But candidate A, who probably might not have been able to pass the examination, can still use that particular line again to send his name to that code whenever the need arises.

That means, if you did not pass your examination in 2018, you can still use that particular number for registration in 2019 without any difficulty .

For missing numbers?

Anyways, if registered for JAMB UTME in 2018, and you failed to secure admission, but unfortunately, due to some conditions and circumstances, that SIM got missing.

Don’t worry, JAMB has got something for you, and it is the best option for you not have any issue with JAMB.

Benjamin suggested that it would be safe to get a fresh telephone number for the purpose to send to the code for the candidate’s profile number.

“No two persons can share a telephone number for the purpose of confidentiality.

“As a rule, it has always been one person to a telephone number to get a profile number that will enable candidates do the proper registration and capturing,’’ he said.

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  • How can I solve a problem if i use the sim have use to register for jamb before to register for my brother which have already register

  • During the jamb registration I was told that my gsm number has been used for the registration but it has not been used,what am I to do???

    • You can still use the same number, as far as you were not given admission last year according to JAMB Boss.

      But if they still insist, please try getting a SIM card before time runs out.

          • same problem with me here .
            I don’t know what to do now,
            cox I have already registered and it keeps bringing last year details and Info . I tried to change it but the boy at the CBT Center told me neither him or I can change it.
            he has saved it . but when I wanted to log in it showed last year details I was confused .
            pls what can I do ? how do I over come this ? pls help me .
            I want you to help me Admin .
            thanks .

  • I got admitted last year,but I registered for another jamb this year with the same number and email as last year,would dis b a problem?

  • Please what do I do when I used a number to apply for an admission letter from jamb last year and now I have used used that same number to generate a profile code to a sister, but its bringing the persons data I applied admission letter for.
    Please what do I do to still get the registration done for the sister

  • What do I do if I have used my number to help assist someone in getting admission letter from jamb, and now i have used that same number to help my sister in generating her profile code for the jamb registration but to my surprise, it brought out the other persons date of birth and state of origin. What do I do please, and am I to get another jamb form again

  • I used the email and phone that has been used by me for Registration in 2017 for 2019 UTME; after completing the Registration my profile keeps displaying the details for 2017. Instead of 2019. Should I wait until they update the profile

  • please I used the same number that I used last year and I was given admission , I have already paid the #4700 but yet to complete my registration, please what can I do, I am very confused now

  • I wrote jamb last year I was given admission but not the course I chose but I accepted it
    So this year I want to write another jamb and I used the same number and email I hope there is no problem to that

  • I have used my phone number before in registering jamb and I used it again in registering for jamb again this year but they keep on bringing out my previous email that I used then.
    Pls what can I do to overcome this problems?

    • Don’t you have access to that previous email? If you don’t, then you can only use NEW SIM card for the registration. That means, you must have new Profile Code and New JAMB e-pin.

  • Hello, pls what do I do? I used the same number used in 2017 to get a profile code and e pin. But at the registration center they said I can’t register unless I get another number which includes paying another 4000 for e pin

    • CBT Registration Centres won’t allow you to use that code. But JAMB registrar said you can use the same code and number. Just get a new SIM and follow the prompt.

  • I was told someone else used my number years ago cos when I wanted to register it brought out his name,date of birth and email,and i bought the ePin already. What can I do?

  • Thank you for this topic trend… But then, after getting a new sim card, does the student have to buy a new pin? I sent the name of my sister with my own phone number, and the 10-digit code was sent to me, only for us to get to the point of biometrics capture and we were told that the phone number has already been used. Meanwhile, she used her own new phone number to send her name to 55019 and the code was not sent to her. What do we do please?

  • Hello,pls what do I do ,I used the same number I used same number I used last year to get my profile code nd pin when I opened the system it brought out my last year profile but I was told I can’t get the form cos of the mobile number that even if I collect the form nd do the exam that i wont be given admission that everything I do this year will be recorded to last year pls is it true or should I just buy new sim

  • My friend wrote jamb last year and i got admission into college of edu and he use thesame email and phone number for 2019 registration and was successful there was no problem in a cbt centre where he register, pl i may ask if there is a problem ahead.

  • I use email and phone num register for this year the one i use last year and the registration was successful, pl i may ask if it whould course problem letter

  • Pls,I used the same number for my registration in 2019 with the same email i used in 2017….its still displaying 2017info….pls,will it update?

  • I create a profile last year without finishing the registration, so this year i bought the pin and when i entered my profile code and pin it was showing last year details and my date of birth was not correct. Pls is there any way out or am i going to buy a new pin?

    • Sir Lucky, if you had any problem while creating your last’s year JAMB profile code. Please you are expected to get a new number for profile creation, and email for efacility.

  • I used the same email I used last year to register this year also,and not i’have not seen my registration slip yet…..is there going to be an issue or I must change d email

  • please help me out
    my number has already been used for creation of profile codes,but i didnt knw,i later register use my number to register the jamb and already have the print out but what happen is that it displace my name i use to register but display the person date of birth on the print out

  • pls I use my previous email address and phone number in creating my jamb profile this year, the code given to me last year was thesame with this year but the difference is that the pin aren’t thesame. and my registration was successful. is there any problem that will follow back?
    because I had that thesame score gotten last year will be retrived back if someone use thesame phone number and email address. pls waiting for reply


  • Hello! Please help me I used the email and phone number I used for registration 2017 to register for 2019 .my profile is still showing details of 2017 what do I do or should I purchase another jamb form? But I have completed 2019 registration and even thumb prinyed

  • Sir, my brother registered a wrong subject, instead of Christian religion studies he chose economics it’s there any remedy?

  • Pls…I didnt get admission last year and I used d same number and email address as I used last year register again dz year….but each time I log in d jamb portal with my email…it shows me last year’s info….what do i do.?..do u think o will have problems

  • Plz sir..i used my sisters SIM to get a profile code ND during d registration her email address appeared… It’s anything wrong with it?

  • Sir i used my sister’s phone number in order to generate my profile code and she has already used it last two years what to do pls?

  • please i used the same phone number and email of last year for this 2019 registration… will i have a problem later in change of institution after the exams?

  • Pls I registered jamb last year but didn’t take the exam due to health challenges, but this year I used the same number to register jamb this year and am through with registration but I have a big problem now the email and jamb profile is still show the old details and old reg number but in my 2019 print out I was given another reg number pls what should I do?

  • I registered jamb but I haven’t receive any notifications in my email that I have registered for jamb why is the problem please

  • I have an issue when I registered for the jamb of 2019 while I typed my original email address I mistakenly typed- [email protected] instead of this original email address- [email protected], so this could be why I have not received any message to confirm my successful registration. For your information too sir, I have because of this mistake reopened another email address with that mistaken email address- [email protected] com, on Saturday 02/02/19. It therefore means I have two emails addresses now. Can you please be sending me any information about my jamb registration matter either on this email [email protected] which I reopened on Saturday 02/02/19 which is on jamp print out slip by mistake or on this email address- ew[email protected], which I earlier have but not on the jamb print out slip. Conclusively,pls help me out of my silly mistake I made in the course of my typing on January 14, 2019 while I registering for my jamb 2019. Thanks in anticipation for your assistance & understanding.

  • Pls I have already registered but during my registration my sister’s date of birth and email was reflecting what do I do?

  • Hello please i used the same gmail i used in 2017 for 2019 registeration
    But it’s showing 2018 in my jamb profile
    Sorry is it normal or i have to go back to the registeration place?

  • Please sir, I used my last year phone number for profile code generation, also I purchased a DE pin with the number but I when to jamb office to register they said that the phone number or e-mail address has been already used how should I do sir?

  • Please I have created new email for this year jamb,then I sent my full name to get my profile code but it is still showing the code that I used last year.
    My question is that can I use the last year profile code because I want to pay for my epin tomorrow and I don’t want to have any issue

  • Hello please I sent my first name before my surname to d code 55019 and my registration is done complete. Please what do I do.

  • Please while starting my first step with the registration by sending code via sms to 55019 I never know I would be charge #50 and I don’t have enough on my phone then. So I bought card on my phone so I wanna ask if they still gonna get my request process and deducted the charges on my phone later? Or am I allow to start up again with sms?

  • Pls iregiser on the same code I was given on last year this year but after my registration am unable to found my information but last year information own is bringing, pls what can I do ? A

  • Goodmornin I registered my item I was given the printout and the information was not displaying on my Gmail account ND it was a new account.

  • I have not received my profile details via my mailbox since after registeration till date, I am so confused I need a reply fast pls.

  • Pls I registered with a specific number and after some time I kept the Sim card aside. And on march 6th they started sending exam dates for jamb and I just got informed that I would have to make the Sim I used active…and I just made it active…will I still get my exam date??

  • I lost the mobile number I used in getting my pin for my jamb registration this year but am done with my registration is that going to b a problem?

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