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Is UK Leaving the EU? Track It via the Wallet app on your iPhone

Is Uk leaving EU? This is one of the most interesting and trending latest News in UK! Many UK citizens has voted for it while less has voted against it and their votes has been counted. Are interested in knowing the full outcome of the all stories? Track it Now.

Although, Facebook and Twitter will come with the latest news concerning this news but if you don’t want to follow it up from this two Social Icon then Politico has you covered — if you use an iPhone. You don’t need much to activate it, all that is required of you is your name, email and country.

To get the update, you have to fill out a simple online information form, FILL HERE, you’ll be able to add a pass to your iPhone’s Wallet app. And as I said, it is just your name, email and country that is needed to get the news streaming to you.  This is the tracking Referendum of the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union.

Or you can also search the web (google) to see the current rating.

uk leaving eu

The pass updates automatically throughout the day, so all you have to do is check it instead of Twitter or a Website. Rather than filter through a bunch of information you may not need, the card simply tells you if the UK will ‘remain’ or ‘leave’ the EU.

Please Note that the pass also has some breaking commentary, and a link to the full story around the back of the card. If you like, you can also share the pass with your friends and family. And again, just keep in mind the form (link above) will have to be filled out via a mobile browser so it can add the pass to your Wallet app.

As we might already know, the Prime Minister, David Cameron, will be resigning as the UK Prime Minister by October, so he is urging the Uk cabinet to elect new Prime Minister by then -due to the current UK Leaving the EU! You can share this information to your friends online using the below share buttons.

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