MTN Gameworld service

How to stop/cancel MTN Gameworld service auto-renewal

MTN Gameworld service is among the company existing plans that provides exclusive fun and engaging mobile gaming app to its customer. As engaging, as it sounds, MTN Gameworld service auto-renewal has become a desperate issue. A bunch of MTN Gameworld service customers complained of subscribing

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How to check your current MTN tariff plan in 2019

Sometimes, we are stressed and kind of frustrated just to know which of the numerous tariff plans we are on. All Nigeria network carrier has exercised their own special methods to bring it out for you. Here is how to check MTN tariff plan! Today,

mtn do not disturb

How to activate and deactivate MTN Do Not Disturb

MTN customers keeps on searching the web for different topics, such as how to block mtn messages, how to stop unwanted messages from mtn, how to stop mtn advert sms, how to stop mtn last session notification, how to stop mtn pop up messages, but

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How to cancel MTN CallerTunez subscription

MTN CallerTunez are one of a kind. The sounds are really amazing and quite impressive but unfortunately, they are also heart breaking and airtime consumer. Paying N50 continuously to a music, I really can’t hear is quite frustrating. The use of the CallerTunez is out

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How to stop MTN daily and weekly data auto-renewals?

MTN Daily and weekly data plans are quite interesting and affordable to purchase. It allows MTN customers to easily subscribe and browse for the limited hours. But what if the data plan is auto-renew? trouble and problems start. Auto-renewal is sometimes activated by us, the

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How to stop all MTN monthly data plan auto renewal?

A lot of MTN customers are mostly found on the internet, search for codes / ways to stop or cancels messages from MTN, block calls and many more from MTN. Am wondering, is MTN not seeing this? However, the voice of the subscribers are really

mtn xtrapro tariff plan

How to stop / cancel MTN subscriptions service

We are all aware of the fact that MTN Nigeria is easily and slowly taking out little earned currency, from our account balance without our consent and knowledge. It is a known fact among all MTN subscribers. But today, we will easily show you the

mtn xtravalue plan

How to migrate to MTN XtraValue tariff plan?

MTN XtraValue plan allows you to enjoy surfing the internet and awuful for calling various numbers at the same time. It gives subscribers huge whooping sum of airtime for calling and data for browsing. It is one of the best MTN tariff plans that suits