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How to activate Airtel N2500 Data Plan

Airtel is an amazing telecom network provider in Nigeria, but they have a remarkable presence in Asia countries. Meanwhile, in Nigeria, we have a lot of data plan for all and the How to activate Airtel N2500 Data Plan is another choice. Normally, browsing and

airtel smarttybe activation

Airtel SmartTrybe – Cheap Calls, Night and Weekend Data Plan

With Airtel SmartTrybe, you can enjoy Airtel’s cheaper call rate, cheap night Plan and weekend plan which can give you unlimited download between the hours of 11pm and 6am. It is simple and short. All you have to do is subscribe and you will enjoy


Airtel Youtube Streaming – N1k to get 1.5GB, etc

It is now all about streaming Youtube videos. Airtel just announced their interest in the Youtube Streaming with mouth-watering data bundle plan. Recently, to WOW their customers, Airtel has just launched a more cheaper data plan for Youtube Streaming which is more preferable than the

airtel smartrecharge

Airtel SmartRecharge gives you 10x bonus of your recharge

Introducing to you is the latest Tariff Plan from Airtel Nigeria! Lets make welcome the Airtel SmartRecharge that gives you 10x of all your recharge! We got introduced to the #tag, #Doanyhow since yesterday being the 9th of October, but later on, by 12pm today,

Airtel Monthly BB Complete

Airtel Internet Plans – Airtel Data Plans for all Phones

Airtel are one of the best Data Bundles in Nigeria. I will rate the Best Data Bundles Service Providers in Nigeria is Airtel. They have been good for the past days, weeks and probably Month. Today, we have decided to write on the best Airtel

airtel 4g lte

I think, we now have Airtel 4G LTE in Nigeria – Are you ready?

We have been anticipating but right now, it is here, the Airtel 4G LTE for faster connectivity has been unveiled by Airtel for Nigerians. MTN, GLO, Etisalat has already launched theirs since and we have been waiting upon Airtel and here it is. Although, they


You can’t be Serious! Airtel planning on leaving Africa?

They can’t be serious, Airtel planning on leaving Africa Market due to some collapses in their financial earning! Last year, Airtel lost a great deal of customer both in Nigeria and other Africa Countries. Airtel Considering Exits, Stake Sales at Some Africa Operations! Although, Mittal

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How to subscribe to Airtel Talk More 500% Plan

Actually, this is not a new plan. However, it was supposed to be among the Top Best Airtel Tariff Plan, where we featured most of all the Best Airtel Tariff Plan. Calls are especially used by business men to control and ensure that there is


Update; With Airtel Triple Surf Offer, you can double Your Bundle

One of the biggest Telecom in Africa; Airtel Nigeria are about showing Nigerians that they always have their customers deep down their heart. And today, the introduction of this offer has really prove that. Do you love browsing the internet? If yes, then this newly