Instagram Dark Mode is here for both Android and iOS

Instagram finally has it own dark mode for both Android and iOS devices. This is definitely a special treatment, as Instagram gets the iOS 13 dark mode feature.

Since the two major operating system, Android and iOS has introduced the Dark mode, the photo and video-sharing social networking service, Instagram has also joined the queue and it is stunning.

Well, if your current Android and iOS or phone support Dark mode, then it will automatically trigger the dark mode on Instagram. It is no longer news that Dark mode is now a thing, especially with Instagram.

You can join the dark side on Instagram or your OS right away. The new Instagram dark mode can automatically work on iOS 13 and Android 10 once you turn dark mode on your phone.

In other situation, if your Android phone’s skin supports dark mode feature such as Samsung One UI, Xiaomi MIUI, Vivo FuntouchOS, and more. Then it’ll trigger Instagram’s dark mode.

Instagram updates it iOS app to work alongside with the new iOS 13 and it also happens with Android 10. For now, you can’t choose to either toggle on/off the dark mode on Instagram. But Twitter’s pre-iOS 13 does.

instagram dark mode

Instagram Dark Mode

However, it is important to understand that the new Instagram Dark Mode is an AMOLED dark theme which means that the background colours are completely dark.

The Instagram Dark Mod eventually makes scrolling through your feed and tapping through Stories much more easier on the eyes than the bright white borders.

The new Instagram AMOLED dark theme is totally different from the dark greys found in many Google apps and this might not save battery life. Nevertheless, the Instagram app will definitely be amazing during the night.

In order to make the Instagram dark mode work, it has to match your iPhone’s system-wide settings. Although, there is an app for to get the Dark Mode on Instagram for both Android or iOS. You have to update to the latest version of Instagram app and enable system-wide dark mode on your smartphone.

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