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Infinix NOTE 3 PRO vs Infinix NOTE 4 PRO X571 – Lets Compare

note 4 pro

Well, today is another day to review the differences between the Flagship of Infinix. It is very obvious that the China Based company, Infinix Mobility is becoming one of the best Smartphones Producers in Africa, esp in Nigeria.

Introducing to you is the latest Infinix NOTE4 Pro that was just added to their Note Series this year, JULY. Although, there are some rumored Note4 Pro specs than the normal specs, we do have here.

Popularly to the phone geeks, the Note 3 Pro was the latest and best Flagship in 2016 and it is the predecessor the Note 4 Pro. Which also stands that Note 4 Pro is the successor to Note 3 Pro.

Statistics shows that Note 3 was the most searched phone in Nigeria as at 2016. And it gave the company more profits than other of their former Note series.

Sincerely, when I bought the Note 3 in January 2017, the rate at which I personally saw people making use of the phone was too unbearable. Virtually, almost everyone, I came across with, their each had one, I kindly gave it away.

So today, FBL is going to review the Infinix NOTE 4 PRO and Infinix NOTE 3 PRO in almost the same manner, as done on the Infinix NOTE 4 vs Infinix Note 3! Lets start by displaying their actual specs.

infinix note 3 pro
Infinix Note 3 Pro

Infinix NOTE 3 PRO

*. SIM – Dual micro SIM
*. Dimensions – 162.5 x 82.8 x 8.4 mm
*. Network – 4G LTE
*. Type – IPS, capacitive, multi-touch, touchscreen with 16,000,000 color
*. Size – 6.0 inches, 1080 x 1920 pixels, 368 pixels per inch (PPI)
*. Card slot – MicroSD, up to 128 GB
*. Internal – 16GB
*. OS – Android 6.0 Marshmallow with XOS
*. Processors – 1.3 GHz octa-core CPU, MediaTek Helio X10 MT6753 chipset
*. RAM – 2GB/3GB
*. Primary – 13MP, up to 4128 x 3096-pixel pictures, phase detection, HDR, face and smile
detection,autofocus, Geo-tagging camera with dual LED flash
*. Video – 1080p@30fps
*. Secondary – 5MP, up to 2592 x 1944-pixel pictures with soft flash
*. Capacity – 4500mAh Li-Po battery
*. Sensors – Accelerometer, Proximity, Compass, Light sensor, Fingerprint
*. Price – 59k to 65k

Infinix Note 4 PRO

*. Display: 5.7″ FHD, 2.5D
*. Resolution: 1920X1080 PIXELS
*. Weight: 200g
*. Camera: 13MP AF + 8MP FF with Dual LED light
*. RAM: 3GB
*. Storage: 32GB
*. Card slot – MicroSD, up to 128 GB
*. Operating System: XOS 2.2 + Nougat 7.0 Kernel
*. Processor: Octa-core chipset, Octa-core 1.3GHz 64bits
*. Battery capacity: 4500MAH Li-Po battery
*. Charge: 5A Charge
*. 4G LTE: YES
*. Sensors – Accelerometer, Proximity, Compass, Light sensor, Fingerprint

Infinix NOTE4 PRO with X-Pen

Well, there are a lot of differences between the NOTE 3 PRO and Infinix NOTE 4 PRO although, the similarity are also a little well known.

And of course, the both are from the same producers, Infinix Mobility, at least, that first, connects them both. Lets begin from the Similarities. Which includes;

Infinix NOTE3 PRO & NOTE4 PRO – Similarities

Sure, looking from the above outlined Key Features, for the both Notes, you will discover the similarities at a glance but, we are also going to spell it out for you all to see.


Firstly, this is considerable because, a phone with a low RAM is likely to be deliver its service like a Snail on a mission.

The both phones comes with a huge 3GB of RAM, although, it wasn’t expected of NOTE 4 PRO, we’d all expect the 4GB of RAM. Well, what shall we say?

Rear Camera

And yes, this is another stuff bringing the two phones together, the rear camera. Well, FBL specifically said “REAR” which is the back camera because the front camera for both phones are a lot more different.

They both arrive with a 13MP pure rear camera for taking amazing pictures and photos with friends, families, event, occasion and others and trust me, they are both good.

Infinix Note 3 Pro
Infinix Note 3 Pro

Battery Capacity

Unfortunately for the Note 4, it doesn’t arrive with the battery capacity compared to either Note 3 or Note 3 Pro. Well, they all come with 5mins charge and a 250 min talk but different generation of Flash Fast Charging.

NOTE 3 PRO & NOTE 4 PRO comes with a 4500mAh battery capacity with a 5mins charge and a 250 min talk, but all data based on laboratory test, specific numbers depend on the environment and conditions of use.

Others Includes

They both feature 4G LTE for fast browsing, resolution, UP and DOWN link are same. The both arrive with the normal application.

Others includes, FM radio, Voice recorder, ebook reader, Octa-core 1.3 GHZ, colors, 64bit, the same screen type of FHD IPS LCD CAPACITIVE TOUCHSCREEN,16M COLORS and many other thing.

That is all for the similarities. See, the Similarities in the Image below. Lets move over to the Differences.

N/B: Please, if you noticed any one that is missed out, you can also help to remind by using the comment box.


Infinix NOTE 3 PRO & NOTE 4 PRO – Differences

This is another part of the review that takes the breathing away. The both Note’s comes with an exclusive and elegant design, fast charging, screen display etc.

Well, they are some appealing and awful difference, but we will all combine it into one. Lets begin;

Design & Display

Awkwardly, but this is the first difference every supposed phone geek gets to noticed at first. We all know that the Note 3 Pro comes with a pure terrific textured back cover built from high-end avaition-quality aluminum, in other essence, it is the Premium Design!

While the Note 4 PRO comes with a full metal unibody design, giving the phone another look from its predecessor and making the handling more efficient!

And they also sports with difference Screen Display, the Note 3 Pro comes with a 6.0 inches FHD, 1080 x 1920 pixels, 368 pixels per inch (PPI).

While on the Note 4 Pro, there is a slight changes from the 6.0″ FHD to a 5.7″ inches FHD IPS LCD CAPACITIVE TOUCHSCREEN,16M COLORS. Well, this is one of the reason, customers are angry with Infinix and frankly, I don’t like it!

Battery XCharge

OF course, they both come with a 4500mAH battery capacity but the Xcharge differs from each other. Although, it is the same 5mins charge and 250 min talk but the Xcharge there is something different.

The Note 3 Pro comes with a XCharge 3.0 that means, the NOTE 3 can be fully charged in only 99 minutes meanwhile, on the other hand, the Note 4 Pro arrives with the latest Xcharge 4.0 technology.

NOTE4 PRO comes with 5V5A low-voltage DC charging technology which increases charging efficiency to 96%, compared to the 88% in NOTE3 PRO, noticing the difference now?

The Xcharge 4.0 reduces the loss of current conversion and reduces heat from charging to provide better overall efficiency and safety.

NOTE4 PRO xcharge 4.0

Front Facing (FF) Camera

The Note 3 Pro features a 5MP on the Front facing Camera which is normally used for taking selfies, photos with friends and families with a Flash, taking the shot to another dimension but…

But here on the NOTE4 Pro, you are welcome with a 8MP front facing camera with Flash for taking selfies and other amazing shot. With such 8MP FF camera, your selfies needs no other beautification apps because it does all the work there for you!

Android OS & XOS 2.2

On the first hand, the Note 3 Pro comes runs on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow with XOS 2.0 but right now, the latest NOTE4 PRO runs on the Android 7.0 Nougat and XOS 2.2 version.

Securing you more from web invaders and other malware and it also makes your phone looks more stylish with the Nougat supporting the Split-screen advantage and many others, you will never be left out!

But guess what, you can still enjoy that Android Nougat on the Note3 PRO, as Infinix has rolled out updates to their respective phones which includes the Note3 Pro!

X-Pen & Fingerprint Location

Unfortunately, the Note3 Pro did not arrived with any X-Pen but at least, they also arrived with Fingerprint Scanner Sensor but on the REAR which is the back while the NOTE4 Pro is located at the Physical Home Button at the front.

The fingerprint on NOTE4 PRO is quite different from others, as you can now, view of photo libraries, voice recording, and customizing quick opening of apps via different finger input.

The Note4 Pro is the first Infinix Phone to arrive with X-Pen! Gbam!! Gbam!! And yes, this is the Fourth Generation of the Note series, seeing something like this, doesn’t surprise me, tho.

But, should we call the X-PEN the selling points of NOTE 4 PRO! Am scared, we have to say yes. Of course, everyone who hasn’t used any phone with a Pen can get in touch with this and feel it!

Infinix note4 pro with xpen
Infinix Note4 pro with Xpen

Lets take a look at the uses of X-Pen; Record moments and ideas in Memo, even in sleep mode, and explore your creative side in XNote. Do you also know that, you can also become a Painter using the X-Pen? And the Pen can work for 40mins after a 20seconds charge. Impressive eh?

Memory and Others

I said, I was going to spell every single stuff out right? So, we have the memory different, it is not the expandable microSD card but the Note3 PRO comes with a 16GB of internal storage while the NOTE4 PRO comes with a 32GB!

The Note 4 Pro arrives with a 200g which is slightly heavier than its predecessor with a 199.0g. While the, Note 3 Pro comes with a Height of 162.5mm, Width of 82.8mm and thickness of 8.4mm, the Note 4 Pro comes with a Height of 159.6, Width of 78.8 and a thickness of 8.3mm. They all slightly changed!

How do you view the Infinix Note4 Pro in all its Glory?

20 thoughts on “Infinix NOTE 3 PRO vs Infinix NOTE 4 PRO X571 – Lets Compare”

  1. Infinix note 3 pro is no where to be found again and it’s not all d note 4 pro dat comes with the xpen, pls Whts do u hv to say abt dat?

    1. Hello Ebele, My sis just bought the Note 3 Pro last two weeks ago from Online Portal meanwhile, Infinix is yet to comment why all the Note 4 Pro doesn’t arrive with the X-Pen feature.

    2. I have a month old note 3 pro I want to sell , the 3gb ram of it with all accessories if you are interests call or WhatsApp on 08033828590

  2. Good day.Thanks for your experienced and professional review of both phones.My candid observation is that the note3 pro seems to be better than the note 4 since it can also be updated to the latest android version.What is your take on this as i intend buying one not considering the difference in their prices.

    1. Hi A.G, your choice isn’t that bad but the NOTE4 is a little bit bad when compared with the NOTE 3 but concerning the update system, the NOTE4 will also accept the new upgrade when it has arrived, which is of course the Android Oreo 8.0!

      Although, I’d prefer the NOTE4 Pro to any of them. Thanks.

    1. Hello, the Note3 Pro is available on any Online store or offline store and can be bought within the range of 50k to 55k meanwhile, on the other hand, Note4 Pro hasn’t been found on any store but you can check it on any authorized Infinix Stores within your location.

      Where are you residing, lets help you out?

    1. Hi Prince Dele, there is no actual report but the Note4 Pro has not been spotted on any Online Store in Nigeria, meanwhile, you can check on authorized Offline stores for confirmation.

      Your feedback would be appreciated.

            1. There are few Authorized Shop at Asaba.
              a. 3C HUB Asaba which is at 357 Nnebisi road asaba. No. 08097098002
              b. Finebrothers Asaba – Interbau junction by okpanam road Asaba – Slot Asaba 2 – 4 okpanam road No. 08035812663

              Find out about this two branches. Call them and ensure they have the products first, before visiting.

              Regards and your feedback will be more appreciated.

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