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Infinix rolling out Android 7 Nougat to Infinix Note 3 Pro

This should be among the first Infinix Phone (Hot 2) to be updated and upgraded to Android 7 Nougat! Although, it is not the first Infinix phone to run Android 7 out of the box!

Since the launch of Nougat last year, the mid-ranged companies such as Tecno, Infinix, Innjoo and others are still yet planning on launching first phone to run Nougat out of the box.

infinix note 3 to get android 7 nougat


Meanwhile, Google made it clear that the first set of phones to receive the updates are the Android 0ne which includes the Infinix Hot 2 Android Smartphone.

Anyways, the rolling out is still going on, so if you are using the infinix note 3 pro, then wait for your own to reach. Meanwhile, most Nigerians are complaining that the Note 3 PRO are not sold in Nigeria but Infinix Mobility says on their FB that they have the Phone in 3cHub, Ponitkek and others.

infinix note 3 to get android 7


3 thoughts on “Infinix rolling out Android 7 Nougat to Infinix Note 3 Pro”

  1. Please how do I get update for infinix note 3 pro, I have always been checking for update but it hasn’t come, what do I need to do?

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