Are you ready for Infinix N? BETA version to roll out soon

Are you ready for the show! Are you ready to experience the beauty of the Infinix N? Infinix Phones lovers, it is time for a change of interface.

The Infinix N is the Latest Android 7 Nougat! Safe Stylish and Efficient. The Features will start rolling out by next month end to the first week of the month ahead.

infinix n

The Dates Includes:

>> Zero 4 From M to N : End of April
>> Note3 From M to N : End of April

>> Zero 4 Plus
Beta 1: 25th Of May
Beta 2: 15th Of June
GM : 15th Of July

>> Hot S
TBD updating soon

>> Hot 4 pro
Beta 1: 30th Of April
Beta 2: 20th Of May
GM : 5th of June

>> Hot 4 LTE
Beta 1: 30th Of May
Beta 2: 20th Of June
GM : 20th of July

Source: bbs.infinix

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