Today, I am introducing to you the latest Infinix Android Smartphone.   You can now get the 13MP and 8MP powerful camera and the Finger print scanner Android Smartphone in Nigeria.

infinix hot s phone

Coming to the camera’s, even in the low light conditions, the 8MP front camera with 1.4 µm ultra pixel technology will also capture hi-res selfies. And for quicker action, the rear camera’s 13MP works to transform every photo into clear and focused shot. Go Infinix Hot S!

infinix hot s images price

And guess what, the Infinix Hot S is also arrived with a 120° wide angle shot and no one is left out
of the pictures. This is really good! Are you on a team? Do you enjoy taking team pictures? Get it down by taking selfies with your people and nobody will be left out!

infinix hot s spec

And the Infinix Hot S  arrived in different colors. With a compact 5.2 inch size, all it takes is one hand to maneuver around your world. 5 stunning colours, all designed in a uniquely crafted metal frame, the choice is up to you. Meanwhile, together with a 3000mAh battery and 1.5mAh fast charging, you can enjoy your precious moments longer and longer.

infinix hot s images

infinix hot s colors

While for the Infinix Hot S Memory side, you will enjoy a very fast speed 64-bit 8 core CPU meanwhile the storage can be extended to 128GB. And it also comes with speed for incredible gaming and multi-tasking performance. Enjoy the Infinix HOT S!

infinix hot s back

When the Infinix Hot S is in your hand! You get full control over it! Once in your hand, begin to feel it all. No matter the uncompromising screen or the curves of the phone, both fit your hand perfectly. You definitely know that usability and beauty can both exist in one smartphone.

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infinix hot s mobile phone

While for the Price, the Infinix Hot S is supposed to be around 35k to 50k in Nigeria. We are not yet sure, but maybe, the Infinix XE02 Dual Noise Cancellation Headphone will come with the Hot S! Anyway, just guessing.

Will you get the Infinix Hot S? Do you love Infinix Hot S Reviews Specs and others?

Rumored Article

Infinix Mobility went out of the picture to launch a very powerful selfies and grand Android Smartphone. Rumors called it different names such Infinix Note 3 and Infinix Hot Note 3 but the real and official name is out!

The Infinix is has launched another Smartphone called Infinix Hot S X521. The Smartphone is arrived with a lot of promising expectations. The camera and fingerprint scanner are one of the best features.

infinix x521

The Infinix Hot S X521 is arriving with a good body design, good camera and also with a amazing sleek design and has a full metal body with a superb sound quality and also sports a 13MP rear auto-focus camera and fingerprint scanner, with a 5.2inch screen display.

infinix x521

According to Infinix Mobility, Infinix Hot S is the first Infinix phone to run Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system out of the box like the Tecno W4. It also arrives with easy user interface. Arriving with a 3GB of RAM, which is good for making multitasking simple and easy.

Coming to the camera aspect, the Infinix Hot S will be coming with a 8-megapixels front camera, that can records 1080p at 30fps, and has a resolution of 3264 × 2448 while for the back camera, it sports a 13MP back rear camera like the Tecno C8 and Tecno C9 Android Smartphone.

infinix hot sinfinix hot s x521

The Infinix Hot S is expected to arrive either with 16 GB or 32 GB storage, expandable up to a whopping 2 TB with an SD card. It will also 2.2GHz octa-core MediaTek processor.  With good connectivitives; 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.1, micro USB 2.0 and A-GPS.

Rumored Article

This information based on the new and upcoming Android Smartphone. After the Infinix Product Manager, Mangfred Hong took some time to ask the opinion of the Tech Bloggers in Kenya, they really discussed about the Infinix Future Product around the table.

So after the Discussion around the table. Then and there, they all came up with the idea of impacting more specifications and features on the upcoming Infinix X521. So I figured out that, Infinix Mobility are planning on launching new device within some few times. That is one of the first concrete grounds!

infinix android smartphone

And another concrete grounds is about the one of Infinix Mobility’s co-founders, Benjamin Jiang, who has been teasing the device on his Facebook page for the last two month plus. He has been teasing about the Infinix Smartphone especially the camera’s aspect and also about the operating system and the GPU processors.

What is the Specs, Features, Release Date, Price of Infinix Hot S (X521) Android Smartphone

Below are few concrete specs and features that the Infinix Hot S (X521) Android Smartphone is coming with. So I have took time to compile a more concrete specification of the new Infinix Hot S.

Infinix hot s android phone

*. Powerful Processor; MediaTek CPUs or Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipsets

The Infinix Mobility will be launching the Infinix with more powerful MediaTek CPUs or Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipsets. Although, we don’t have the accurate news concerning which of the processors that the Infinix Hot S will be arriving with. Maybe, with a more powerful MediaTek CPUs or like the Samsung S7, it will be arriving with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

Infinix hot s android smartphoneInfinix hot s android

The reasons why Infinix Hot S will be coming with a more powerful MediaTek CPUs is that; Infinix Mobility has many years of experience working with MediaTek CPUs and also MediaTek offers better technical support and another reason is that it has Superior GPU Performance.

*. Infinix X521 May Bring Fingerprint Sensors and latest Android OS

Mangfred also said that they are working on a more better Fingerprint Sensors. That is to say, Infinix Hot S will be coming with a Fingerprint Sensor. Rumors has it that the Tecno Camon C9 will be arriving with a Fingerprint Sensors but it is all fake and not accurate, atlast the Tecno C9 did not arrived with the Fingerprint Sensors.

But according to the Infinix Product Manager, Mangfred Hong and one of the Infinix Mobility’s co-founders, Benjamin Jiang, said that they are working on a budget smartphone with a fingerprint sensor. That’s to say that, the Infinix Hot S maybe come with the Sensor, let’s keep watching.

infinix hot s

And coming to the Android OS, the Infinix Hot S is supposed to run the Android 6.0 Marshmallow but what about the Android 7.0 (N), which is the latest Android OS but it is not yet out and the preview is currently running on Google Nexus Android Smartphone.

*.  Infinix X521 May Bring Auxiliary sensors and Audio Accessories

Infinix Mobility are introducing more powerful Auxiliary sensors and Audio Accessories, so to be, the Infinix Hot S maybe coming with more incredible Auxiliary sensors and Audio Accessories. And this accessories is one of the most popular technology for smartphone vendors.

And coming to the Sensors, we have noticed that some of the Infinix Smartphone comes with just the basic sensors. But the newly Auxiliaries sensors are more awesome than the ordinary Sensor. The Auxiliary sensors such as Gyroscope are important in making some applications work and for that reason Infinix also has plans to include such sensors in upcoming smartphones.

Infinix hot s mobile phoneInfinix hot s mobile

Infinix Product Manager also included that, they will be working on high-quality audio accessories that will provide a superior music playback experience. Manfred had a test unit of the headset and its performance was incredible and amazing.

*. Infinix X521 May Bring More RAM’s and Screen Size

Do Android Smartphones need more RAM’s? That is one of the question Yomiprof asked on his blog. If it is directed to you, what will be your reply? Anyway, a guy from Kenya or Ghana, one of this two countries, also said that “1GB RAM Android Smartphone makes our phone works to be more slower than ever, so they should also introduced more RAM’s like 2GB, 4GB, 6GB of RAM!” And I really love the quote.

So when Infinix Mobility are introducing any other Android Smartphone, they should also include more Bigger RAM and Screen Size. The reason why he asked the question is that, LeEco is working on a flagship device of 8GB of RAM. Which means that, that LeEco Phone can conduct more operation and it will be faster in performance.

infinix hot s x521

And coming to the Display Screen Size, Infinix X521 might arrive with at least 6.0 inches display. Although, 5.8 inches would be the screen size and what about featuring 4k Screen? We don’t know for now.

*. Infinix X521 Camera, Battery Capacity

This aspects of the Infinix Upcoming Android Smartphone has been confirmed. The Infinix X521 will be arriving with more Camera Mega Pixels, Battery Capacity and Fingerprint Scanner. For the Fingerprint Scanner, the answer is YES! Although, it is under RUMORS.

And coming to the Camera Mega Pixels, the Infinix X521 will be arriving with a more powerful camera. Rumors has it that the Infinix X521 will be featuring a 13MP dual rear camera with LED Flash light. That is to say, the Infinix Hot S will be sporting a 13MP Front and Back Camera.

The Infinix Hot S will also be coming with a more bigger battery capacity. For now, we don’t have the full details of the upcoming Infinix Android Smartphone battery capacity. Maybe, but I am targeting either 3000mAH Li-ON battery to 5000mAH. Making the Talk time to increase and the Standby Time to improve.

infinix hot s x521

*. Infinix X521 May Bring More Virtual Reality and Amazing Design

According to the Infinix Product Manager, Mangfred Hong after having the meeting with the Tech Bloggers Meeting at Kenya, he clearly stated that the Virtual reality will also be introduced but in a more bigger, amazing and wonderful way. A we all know, it is currently one of the most popular technology for smartphone vendors. Mangfred Hong also assured that Infinix Mobility is taking note of the technology and you should expect budget Virtual Reality accessories in the near future. Maybe in X521.

Infinix hot s smartphoneInfinix hot s

*. Infinix X521 Release Date and Price

The date has not yet been fixed but according to a source, the Infinix X521 might be coming around July Ending to September, all this Kenya. While in Nigeria, we sincerely hope that within from now to that day, the phone would be launched. Coming to the price aspect, maybe, the Price of the Infinix X521 maybe around N30k to N50k…

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