Have you seen this iFcane E1 card phone? I think, it is amazing!

We do see normal day-to-day Smartphones, including featured phones but Small phones are rarely seen. This is the one of the slimmest, thinnest phone, it is a card-size looking device. But the Zanco Tiny T1 is much more smaller.

Don’t get surprised yet, there are other mini-looking phones such as ifcane 2, and the Long-CZ T3. The iFcane E1 has the ability to connect bluetooth with v4.0, it is NOT an Android smartphone but fairly, it has other fascinating specs and features.

It is a 0.96 -inch screen display with a 480 x 320 pixels resolution. Fortunately, there is 8GB of internal storage which is also expandable too with a rechargeable 320 mAh battery capacity. Arrives with a dimension of 5.8 mm x 85 mm x 54 mm and weighs 68g.

Features a 2G, Micro-USB, which is under the hood and available in Black, white, gold color also. There is no camera lens either at the front or back, the buttons on the phone looks more attractive tho. As the color is a little bit sharp.

Other phones along with the iFcane E1 are iFcane E2 with blue gold and white color while the iFcane E3 comes with White and black. The phone is priced at $12.74! You can get it from Gearbest, if you are actually looking for a little portable feature phone.

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