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Huawei AI Cube is a smart speaker with 4G, Wi-Fi router and Amazon Alexa

    At IFA 2018, tech Giants are bringing in current innovations but the latest gadget from Huawei is mind-blowing. This is Huawei AI Cube, it is a Smart speaker with 4G LTE, home Wi-Fi router, and four inbuilt top-end promising speakers.

    The new Huawei’s Smart speaker is equipped with the company’s Histen technology. Although, when we received the Samsung’s Galaxy Home speaker, everyone was up and down the device. Shaking the internet with funny pictures of a cooking pot.

    But the Huawei AI Cube is a cylindrical speaker that comes with Amazon’s Alexa instead of voice assistant. And we are to expect high-quality from the cube, I mean the Huawei AI Cube smart speaker.

    In the Smart speaker business is going a long way for all electronic companies. There are lot of brands, who want to specialize in the Smart speaker business, and Huawei is looking forward to that. The products was launched alongside with Mate 20 Lite.

    Huawei AI Cube

    The Huawei AI Cube comes with aluminium diaphgram, passive radiators, and far-field voice recognition. It is 8.6 inches tall, 4.57 inches diameter at both its base and its top. The speaker weighs 900g.

    It can perform actions like listening to the news, streaming music, setting timers, and controlling connected smart home gadgets -all this can be done with the Amazon Alexa inbuilt. The speaker is surprising higher than usual, thankfully, it acts your home network and connectivity, (both WiFi and Cellular).

    – Wi-Fi 802.11ac (Supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands) offering support for up to 1200Mbps.
    – 4G Internet router, which offers LTE Cat.6 supports for up to 300Mbps. It also supports Huawei’s HiLink platform to easily connect compatible devices.

    At IFA 2018, they also announced the Huawei Locator, enabled with GPS tracker that will reveal GPS coordinates for use in times of an emergency. For the Huawei AI cube pricing, the company failed to reveal that but Europe will get the AI Cube during the Christmas season.