Fax has been an important mode of transmission when it comes to sharing confidential data. Whereas, old technology lovers also prefer sending a fax to each other.

Therefore, fax isn’t dead as millions of people still use it. But everyone does not exchange faxes using a fax machine or telephone line. Yes! You read it right.

Fax is also getting popular but conventional ways of using it are vanishing. No one likes to invest in heavy fax machines, papers and refilling toners.

Consequently, the global world is adapting digital ways of sending and receiving fax which doesn’t require fax machines, modems or telephone connections. Brush through the article to find out the details.


  • Send a Fax without Landline using CocoFax

Surprised? Well, it’s true. You don’t have to get a landline for using a fax as it’s a part of the older days. After the evolution of smartphones, telephone cables are fading out.

Therefore, getting a landline connection just for using fax is undesirable. The list of inconveniences lengthens if you start using fax through the fax machine.

CocoFax has presented a fully-featured solution for faxing. You don’t need a fax machine or telephone line. You can get your fax-solution by CocoFax here: https://cocofax.com/

  • CocoFax, Exchange Fax without cables

CocoFax is an all-in-one fax solution that has been featured by many international platforms including the New York Times. Forbes, PCMag, TomsGuide, and Life wire. Millions of people rely on CocoFax as it’s a revolutionary online fax service provider.

CocoFax gives complete freedom of sitting with a fax machine round the clock. You can use your desktop computer, smartphone, and iOS devices as you have a portable fax device.

CocoFax is a well-reputed brand and offers a multitude of ways to send and receive fax by using the internet. Therefore, you don’t have to waste money on cables, fax machines, toner or paper. No investment needed at all! You can send fax wirelessly.

  • CocoFax Web Browser, send Fax without Phone Line 

CocoFax offers you to fax without a phone line so you don’t have to contact telephone operators for a connection or fax number. Using a Web-based solution of CocoFax for sending and receiving faxes is much easier.

Just go through the subsequent steps to send and receive faxes effortlessly.


  • Send Fax without Landline using Browser


Step 1:

Sign Up to CocoFax and get 30 days free trial and a fax number. You can also choose a fax number from the list of available numbers.

Step 2:

After creating an account, open your CocoFax dashboard. You can create, send, receive and manage faxes from here. For creating a new fax, click on the New button at the corner of the dashboard.

Filling all fields with asterisk* is mandatory. You can type in the Subject and body which will appear Title and Cover Page of fax document at the receiver side.

Attach your fax document as an attachment. Supported file formats include pdf, doc, xls, png, jpg. Enter the receiver’s fax number and recheck it to confirm.

Step 3:

Once you have completed the above steps, hit the Send button. CocoFax dials the target fax machine and converts the document for transmission.

Successful and unsuccessful transmission of the fax is followed by message alerts for your ease. You can manage these messages from the  CocoFax dashboard.

  • Receive Fax without Landline using Browser 

Receiving Fax does not require a step-by-step procedure as its easier than sending a fax. You don’t have to cope up with fax machines to receive important memos.

As you already created a CocoFax account, it will manage your faxes automatically. Open the inbox folder from CocoFax dashboard and it will contain all faxes you had received

You can check transmission details and the sender’s fax number along with timestamps for the received fax from CocoFax inbox.


  • Email Fax without Landline using CocoFax


CocoFax has also introduced an email to a fax solution. This process is more feasible as you can use your email to fax anyone, anytime. Email fax also works on all platforms including computers, iOS devices, and smartphones.

CocoFax works as a bridge between the latest communication technologies and conventional fax machines. Any document you send will be received as a fax document on the receiver’s fax machine. Likewise, you can also receive faxes to your email account.


  • Send Fax with Email


Sending faxes with Email is similar to sending them via the CocoFax dashboard. Create CocoFax account first and open your email account either Google or Yahoo

Create a New email and attach a fax document as an attachment. The subject option of the email appears a fax Title whereas the email body serves as Cover Page of the fax document.

Enter the sender’s fax number by suffixing “cocofax.com”. If your fax number is 12345 then you should add “[email protected]” in the To field. Click on the send button and CocoFax will translate your files and forward them as a fax document.


  • Receive Fax with Email


As you already logged in with your CocoFax account, you won’t be doing anything else for receiving the fax. CocoFax automatically forwards fax to your email address

When you get free, you can check your email and all the received faxes will appear in the inbox. The fax will be amended as an email attachment as CocoFax sends it in the email notification

You don’t have to keep your devices awake round the clock. CocoFax automatically arranges and forwards your faxes even when your device is turned off. You will get notified of receiving new fax on your email. The opening CocoFax dashboard is not required as well.


  • Faxing without Phone Line using VoIP


VOIP refers to Voice over Internet Protocol. The evolution of android and iOS devices have vanished the use of landlines. In this completely advanced world, you barely see a landline connection.

The commencement of Voice over Internet Protocol has made calling through the internet possible rather than using a phone line. You can use it at your workplace or home to get many other services offered by VoIP.

VoIP is preferred over a conventional landline as it’s free of connection hassle and other what bouts. VoIP works over the internet and offers complete reliability of your data by safely transmitting it.

You can also send and receive fax through VoIP without having a landline connection. It’s a portable yet reliable way of sharing confidential information. The difference between the signal operation of VoIP and fax machines is tricky so there are less successful faxes.

However, in the case of receiving a fax through VoIP, it yields good results. It is also a preferred solution for exchanging fax online rather than managing the bulk of papers.


Fortunately, CocoFax has made faxing easier and faster. It doesn’t only come up with free subscription packages but you can get a distinct fax number without any extra charges. Message alerts for faxes and automatic fax management are offered under the same platform.

When using CocoFax, you don’t have to worry about getting a landline connection or maintain a fax machine. Faxing without these gadgets is effortless and hassle-free.

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