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How to reinstall Fortnite on iOS, even when Apple has knocked it off

In a detailed procedure, you’ll learn how to easily get the already removed Epic’s Fortnite reinstalled on your iOS supported devices such as iPhone and iPad. This is not the end for iOS Fortnite and certainly not for Apple.

This process is only available for those that have already downloaded the game before now. With the ongoing feud between Fortnite and Apple, we are not sure we will get to see Fortnite for a new download sooner or later.

Despite being pulled from Apple’s app store, the battle royale hit is still available for download on iOS devices via reinstallation. If you have downloaded before and deleted the app, you can still download it again.

Yes, you can still play it of course, and even install update files. But the only issue is that you can’t get the next big patch update. Which will think Fortnite might keep in place for time being until this showdown is resolved.

In order to learn how to reinstall Fortnite on iOS and get it up and running on your iOS device, bear it in mind that you will still have to install the nearly 10GB collection of large app files that must be retrieved from Epic servers:

fortnite chapter 2 season 3
Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 – Fortnite

How to reinstall Fortnite on iOS

  • Switch on your iOS device and go to App Store
  • Go to Account by clicking on your avatar in the top righthand corner of any of the main screens
  • Tap “All Purchases”, “Purchased,” and
  • Then “My Purchases” for all iOS apps you’ve ever downloaded.
  • On this platform, you have to search “Fortnite.”
  • When the Fortnite app shows up,  tap on the cloud icon to commence the downloading

    It will also work for the Apple Family Sharing plan if any member has previously downloaded Fortnite and deleted it.

Well, this is not particularly a trick as this program has been ongoing for iOS apps. Whenever you previously downloaded a game/app, and due to one reason or the other, you deleted the app, there is the possibility of reinstalling it again from the cloud.

However, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 will launch on August 27th, but it won’t be available on iOS. When Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store, it also informed Epic that Apple will terminate all its developer accounts and cut Epic off from iOS and Mac development tools on Friday, August 28.

When you have successfully reinstalled Fortnite on iOS back on your iOS device, you can still pay less for Fortnite v-bucks that costs $7.99 via its in-app payment method and bypass Apple’s 30 percent cut that costs $9.99. This is for the v-bucks mega drop discounts.

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