How To subscribe online for GOtv in Nigeria

So my Gotv subscription expired some few hours ago, and this is Sunday! I don’t need to wait until tomorrow to pay, neither do I have the time to go look for how to subscribe…

Come on, this is the information and digital age and we can do some stuffs online without leaving the comfort of our home, like shopping online, paying for PHCN, DSTV, Gotv, etc… and I decided to go with quickteller, you can pay with your mobile phone by sending SMS, you can pay by calling them, and then you can pay with your ATM Card!

To subscribe for Gotv online, just select your choice of monthly subscription plan and pay Gotv subscription using Quickteller website.

How To Subscribe online for gotv in Nigeria

How to pay for Gotv online in Nigeria

*. Go to quickteller website here ->
*. Click on “Select an Option”, and chose your option
*. Enter your email address and mobile phone number
*. Then, enter your decoder number (ICU)
*. Click on “Continue” button
*. Enter your ATM card details
*. It has been successfully activated!

Note: Ensure your your Gotv decoder is powered on while making the payment.
You can see my successful GOtv subscription image below:

How To Pay Gotv Subscription Online

The moment you have successfully subscribe for your gotv using the Quickteller payment online, it will takes between 2 to 5 minutes for the renewal to take effect on your gotv.

Congratulations! You have just Pay for your Gotv Subscription Online and from the comfort of your home.
Quickteller charge N100 included for this convenience.

Other options to pay…

Although I have not tried it, but you can subscribe for gotv online using their official website. Just go to gotv website here -> or go directly to this page: and Login with your Mobile phone number or Surname and your IUC Number.

How to pay for GOtv using KongaPay

To make payments for your GOtv subscription using KongaPay, follow the below instructions:

– Visit or download the APK / iOS app
– Then register or log in to your account.
– Go to services and bills and select TV subscription
– Select GOtv as the subscription type
– Enter your smart card number
– Select Pay and input your KongaPay pin and OTP sent to your phone
– Select confirm, the transaction has been completed and your GOtv account is activated.

How to pay for GOtv using PAGA mobile

This Mobile payment is powered by an independent financial institution called PAGATECH. The customer can make the payments through a registered mobile wallet using a mobile phone, laptop or desktop device. Paga collects your PIN via IVR or USSD complete! TO PAY VIA PAGA ONLINE: Simply log in (, fill out the info transparent, then click “go”.

How to contact GOTV

– Shortcode: SMS problem to 4688
– Email:
– USSD: *288*1#
– Tel: +234 803 904 4688
-Address: Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State
– Or Visit: http:/

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  1. I downloaded a quickteller app on my phone..And with that I was able to renew my gotv subscription. It’s been 3days now and none of the chanels are showing. And since then I have been calling the customer care’ no one is picking up and they have alrdy deducted the money from my acct. What should I do next cos it’s so frustrating

    • Please go to their nearest office and they will gladly fix the issue. I use quickteller to subscribe every other month, and I have not encounter this sort of problem.

    • Hi good afternoon my name is fortune ogbu am a Gotv subscriber with acc no.4601565354,unfortunately I recharged my account on 15 th of April thru u direct platform on a wrong acc number is the payment ref number 000000025781481..pls I humbly wish that it be reversed to my acc ie 4601565354 the amount is 1800,my fone number. 08037256765.thanks

      • Hello, this is a hugh mistake. But don’t worry, I would advise you to take this problem to the official website@

      • Pls,rectify My Gotv Plus A\c That Was Wrongly Paid To IUC No.4623382668 On 20\4\17.My IUC No.4613528668 Gotv Plus #1,800.UBA Mobile Transfer Ref.1224541873731.My Name~mr Robinson.Gsm~08064401956 or 07056839456.

  2. Please visit any of gotv branch, the problem will be ok

    • Hello I want to subscribe my Gotv plus using my wife’s debit card details on quick teller but keeps getting the error mobile not registered. Pls advise if I can use her acct details to subscribe.

      • Hello idoko, to subscribe to Gotv, you don’t need to verify any debit card but it accept all debit card, as far as, the correct details is entered. Any account details can be use.

  3. yesterday i went to one of your dealer to buy Gotv recharge card that of #1500.He is telling now is #1800.why do you upsurge the price?.

  4. I don’t get the explanation cos I want to sbscibe on net

  5. l have been facing something like scratching too much and dont know what happened,hardly it show and talk for a minute without scratching.

  6. I just paid my subscription now but just showing TV channels found 0
    Radio channels found 0

    • Hello Tayo, Currently, Gotv line is just annoying, I am having the same problem here with. All they can say is that we should bear with them. Lets just check with them for the main time.

  7. Early this morning I recharge gotv on my phone through Gtbank mobile banking. This is 19:45pm still the gotv has not been recharge. I even SMS 4688 with the request to Reset 2015715451 as instructed on GOeasy SELFSERVICE menu but to no avail.
    Please, any help you can give will be appreciated.

  8. It’s a high time we start discouraging Nigerians from subscribing to GOtv until they stop their cruck and stylish scam on innocent Nigerians.
    Once you pay for gotv, the payment start counting even when they have not connect you, I paid in one of their agent office and was not connected until after several days or wasting credit to call customer service, after frustrating my life i was still charged for days i was never connected to by reducing the validity period to expired

  9. olubanwo babayemi

    pls i make a mistake by subscribing to my old gotv at one of ur agent office since 26th of november 2015 and getin to realized i went there to complain and v given them everything requested from m till now my decoder nt working ..pls did i have hope or should forget abt the money.thanks

    • A very serious question, but the thing is that you can wait for a while and if it didn’t work out then forget it and go for another different decoder.

  10. Gotv is really trying,I have nt encounter problems with my decoder since I purchased it.

  11. Hav been trying to subscribe via Quick teller but it keep telling me transaction failed. How do I go abt it, n wat is dis cvv2 ?

    • CVV2 is an important security feature for credit card transactions on the Internet and over the phone. “CVV” stands for “Card Verification Value” (Discover Card calls it the “Cardmember ID”).

      The CCV/CCV2 security code for your American Express card is the four-digit number located on the front of your credit card, to the right or left above your main credit card number.

      My Regards,

  12. I paid on online through my diamond bank apps and the money have been deducted, but still it’s not coming up

  13. Abdullahi Ibrahim Abdulsalam

    I enjoy your Gotv channels but sometimes i get very upset while watching a very interesting programme and the signal seizes. What can you do to ameliorate this issu?

    • That is a very good question. Gotv cracking signal begins just a little while back. I even noticed it but all one including me can do is to turn the pole around (but ensure that you are looking at the quality) and then face it to the appropriate signal posture… Have you tired that?

  14. Gotv pls can I sub on my phone with my call card pa day or weeks

  15. pls i need some help here.i paid for more than 24hrs account has been credited but it shows eo.17 even when i have tried to clear it severally,it wouldn’t go.what do i do next cos i have been credited already.

    • Hello Ikechukwu Madu, this has happened to me like twice, but you have to exercise patient… atleast, you can wait for 3days… if the problem persist then come back! My regards,

  16. i paid for gotv subscription for the past two days and is not working what do i do please

  17. You guys have to do something about your network although it works but the quick teller network is not good ,the payment page is not loading ….please rectify it on time ,because am havering issues paying now and I have to pay before my dad gets back

  18. Why some of the channel in go TV they’re cracking all the time and most of your firlm but Hausa and African magic are oldest firlm and is reputation.?

  19. am just subscribing 1050 plan but not activating, why this? i need my gotv decoder working right now or i stop using gotv with friends.

  20. Fwangshak John Niyang.

    I paid on line yesterday and uptill now I have not been connected. What is the problem, pls I need your help.

    • Hello, please wait a little longer… If it doesn’t activate within 24hours to 4hours then contact the official Gotv page aforementioned above on the post published above.

  21. I paid for Gotv sub but they cut me off b4 d said expiry date. why na?

  22. I paid on line yesterday morning and uptill now my gotv have not been connected please what is the problem please let me know ok

    • Hello Yinusa, just wait for complete 48hours, if it didn’t pick up then go the nearest Gotv walk-in center.

  23. I paid on line yesterday morning and uptill now my gotv have not been connected please what is the problem please let me know ok

    • Hello Yinusa, just wait for complete 48hours, if it didn’t pick up then go the nearest Gotv walk-in center.

  24. Atomeji Tayo Henry

    pls I did a mistake on my account wen I wanted to load it,in d last three digest number instead of 416,I mistakenly Pres 419.d no is,4613163416,

  25. Please does the gotv mobile 500 naira works on normal decoder?

  26. Hello, I subscribe this morning at about 8:41am via my mobile app banking I.e through my bank account. The money was deducted but not working. my IUC no: 4601639765

  27. i bought GOTV recharge card , have been loading it since yesterday, have never got any confirmation
    just deducting my money every msg

  28. Good evening my IUC number is 4601666477. I made payment on saturday 7/08/2016with my mobile first mony (first bank) and it was confirmed successful and was deducted from my account but since then they did not give me any channel to watch What can I do?

  29. Good day, can I add an indoor antenna to boost the quality of my cracking signals. I had to take it down from the rail I hung it as the estate doesn’t allow u to hang the gotv. Pls advise

  30. Hi , pls my gotv has been having cracking signals. I was told to get an indoor signal to support the outer antenna. I can’t hang the gotv on a rail as my estate doesn’t approve of it. Pls wats your take on this?

  31. Good evening I subscribed my gotv via my diamond mobile app, and since then non of the chanel is showing.. thanks in anticipation.

    • Has it exceeded 24hours to 48hours? If yes, then it is advisable to visit the nearest Gotv working center, so they could clarify the settings. Thanks too.

  32. How can i recharge through my mtn line

  33. Hello admin, i paid for my gotv subscription tru my gt app… Bur i paid 3600 for two months instead of normal 1800. I want to confirm if it will automatically extend the subscription to two months or it nullifies it. I called the customer care bur no response. My account is to expire tomorrow. Thanks

  34. Engr Kayode Adetimehin

    I stay in Trade more estate in Lugbe abuja, Nigeria. I do pay N1800 every month and its only 24 channels that comes on. Gotv please do something.

  35. I paid for my subscription #1,800.00, using the closest option, the GTBank application on my phone. Since Saturday nothing has been done.
    Can someone advice me on what next I can do to get the system functional?
    Thanks and remain blessed.

  36. How many hours would it take to connect on gotv after subscription is done, because am getting confused now have make the subscription done since morning and is not yet open. What happened

  37. I recharged my gotv yet, nothing is showing. And I wonder why. I thought it should be an automatic stuff that once payment is made, your account gets activated. It’s really frustrating.
    I paid through mobile transfer and have long been Dabited so, why shouldnt I get value?

  38. Ayoola micheal oladapo

    l subscribed 6hrs ago n none of d channels is showing. pls help me out. 4601840699 my phone number is 08036785368

  39. i paid yesterday to a gotv agent shop bt til now its still nt showing..wat shud i do?

  40. I subscribed for gotv plus package on 17th of november using my diamond bank mobile app for 1800 naira.But instead of 53 channels as they usual give only 23 is now operational I don’t why. Channels like supersport bliz and 9 are not there anymore. My iuc no is 4613668102. Pls should do something about it pls.

  41. Hi, I was told to recharge my phone and dial *288# to subscribe my Gotv which I did and d money is yet to be deducted and my Gotv is nt coming. Pls I Dnt want to wait dis airtime. What can I do? I need your urgent response and advice

    • Hello Kelvin, please give it atleast 24hours to 48hours and if you noticed, they is no improvement then try visiting the nearest Gotv working center. Thank you.

  42. Pls i mistakenly paid for gotv twice from my first bank acct will d payment extent to next month

  43. I paid for 2 months subscription which is #3600 from 1st bank account yesterday because I got a text that my subscription expires 17th Feb. Today I got a text that my subscription expires march 22 but I thought it ought to be April 22.

  44. I subscribed for Gotv plus this morning and up till now it has yet to show…… I subscribed online and the ref no is 999927465106. Thanks

    • Hello, please wait for at least 48hours and if it doesn’t bounce back then try contacting them on their official website link which is mentioned in the post. Thanks

  45. good day…
    im having a challange of viewing some channels on my Gotv since yesterday…what is the cause please.
    IUC nom..2009475805

  46. I just paid online but my receiver refused to pick up
    my IUC is 4622609006

  47. Hi I tried paying via this website u gave above on quickteller but it’s not working filled up everything but it went blank I don’t it was successful what do I do

  48. Please I need all d codes for subscribing my gotv and dstv

  49. How can I make more than one subscription on gotv website e.g 3 months @a go

  50. Please for the past 4 days I have missing channels on my gotv I have reset, rebot, and rescan for like 100 times have even called a technician but it’s still the same pls help cause i can’t watch my favorite channels. My iuc num is 7018771750

  51. Pls I just bought my gotv and two channels are not showing. Its saying the channels has been scrambled that I should upgrade my decoder or subscribe. Pls what can I do to resolve the issue.

    • Hello, let me assume that you have subscribe to the channels right? If it is not showing then you have to search for the missing channels or you take it to the nearest GOTv technician around you.

  52. Gudday. I just bought a gotv yesterday, scanned and got all the available channels. To my surprise last night a lot of the channels is no longer showing. What do I do Please?

  53. I’m facing the same problem with chinedu here

  54. Pls am trying to subsricqtion with quickerteller and the page is opening pls Help

  55. I have not used my decoder for a while now so i decided to put on and then scan but at the end no channel is found and have not recharged because i want to know what exactly is the problem and fix it up.

  56. Muhammed Abdullateef Alade

    Please gotv I have been rescanning My gotv for the past 2hours. No channel detected since. Please help ooo.

  57. Ever since I got my gotv decoder I have been experiencing this issue: E43- 32 This program/channel is blocked and isn’t available in this country. This is an issue I experience on dove TV, AIT, ONMAX just to mention a few

  58. Do I only need the iuc number to subscribe in a gotv store?

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