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Ways on how to get water out of your phone speaker – Android and iPhone

Even being so careful with handling your Smartphone, against falling down to the hard ground or especially inside the water, you might now get lucky all the time. In this article, you will learn how to get water out of your phone speaker.

Over time, Smartphones are becoming slicker and slimmer and can slip out of our hands easily, which ends up allowing water to easily get into your phone speaker especially if it is not waterproof designed.

One thing is quite sure, despite how your phone is water-tight, the speaker’s side is vulnerable. If your phone falls inside the water, and it is left unattended, there is a possibility of it getting damaged beyond repair, and might need the assistance of phone manufacturers.

It is very important to recall that the speaker is among the top places where there is an opening on Smartphones, among the 3.5mm audio port, charging port, and microphone port. Although, Apple is reportedly launching a portless Smartphone in 2021 with no port entirely, eschewing the iconic lighting port.

how to get water out of your phone speaker

How to get water out of your phone speaker

When your phone falls inside water, the best fastest measure to take is to immediately switch off your device, and shake the phone vigorously. And if this technique does not solve the issue, then you have to choose any of the below options for a quick fix:

  • Manually play high-bass songs

This is effective, as it allows your phone to vibrate on its own, which leads to the process of ejecting the water from the Smartphone completely. As they say “higher the volume, the louder the vibration” So, you can play high bass songs, and increase your phone’s volume up to the maximum volume. If water doesn’t bounce off the speaker, then try using any of the below apps:

  • Using Sonic free app

There are a series of perfect water-ejecting app on the market right now, but the Sonic app is one of the best out there. It is a free and easy to use app that technically ejects hidden moisture out through the speaker, with the water bouncing out of the speaker while the sound is playing.

In other to use the app, go to your phone app store, download the app, login, and set the frequency manually by swiping up and down to adjust the frequency (Hz) up to 165Hz which is the normal frequency that can expel water or use automatic settings, and then tap the “Play” button to begin the process – higher the frequency, the louder the vibration.

phone playing high-bass songs

  • Using speaker clean apps

Actually, there is a shortcut, but it is basically for iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad, and it works well. While for Android, you can download some good speaker clean apps with good rating up to 4.7-star rating such as “Speaker cleaner – Remove water & fix sound” “Unlock your speaker app” and “Speaker Cleaner – Remove Water, Fix & Boost Sound” Downloading any of this apps will vibrate your phone vigorously and removes the water from the speaker, and like others, you can stop playing music when you are feeling satisfied.

  • Using a website tone generator

On an occasion where water stays inside your phone after a series of options, the best way to fix it is to use any credible “website tone generator”. With websites such as,, you can easily generate pure tones of any frequency. Similar to the Sonic app, you can decide to either manually set the frequency or use the automatic settings too.

fixmyspeakers com homepage

  • Using Fix My Speakers Website

The only device that automatically ejects water from its panel is the Apple watch’s built-in water ejection feature that removes water in split-seconds. The website, promises to eject water from your phone’s speakers after getting it wet, as it plays a specific tone that generates sound waves that cause the water to be ejected. This can easily be activated by visiting the website and tap a button ? that activates the blower.

  • Using paper towel

A Paper towel also helps dry out the water from the phone speaker. However, to use this medium, try putting a paper towel under your phone speaker, with the gravity, water will start soaking up the phone speaker, and as usual, you have to place the phone in a well conducive environment to fasten up the process.

  • Use any hand drying equipment

After you must have switched off your phone, and ripped off the battery (if it is removable), then the next best tool you should look for is a hand drying machine or equipment such as a hairdryer. With a hairdryer, you can easily dry out the water, please endeavor to leave the phone in a well-ventilated area, which will, in turn, fix the phone speaker.

phone inside silica packets

  • Dip your phone into silica beads

As terrifying as it may be, when your phone falls into water, you really don’t have to panic continuously. Always remember that fear isn’t the solution, but the action is. In another scenario, where you have some silica gels lying around, you can easily use it to suck up the water from the phone speaker by either dipping your phone into silica beads or use a silica gel packet.

To test if your phone speaker is now okay: Try playing any music/song on your library or make a call to someone to check if all the water in the speaker is out. In other words, play anything that contains a music sound to check it out.

phone technician repair

  • Visit a phone technician repairer

If you feel that your phone speaker is still holding some amount of water, then you have to visit the nearest phone repairing shop to fix the situation. Always remember that leaving any sort of liquid inside the phone’s panel will result in causing more harm than good.

With the above methods, either using the app/web options or using other equipment to remove water from your speaker, we can guarantee that one of these methods must be effective.

However, if you still feel that the inexperience will cause more harm, we advise that you visit a professional repair store to check the phone and provide a permanent solution, either replacing the speaker or something else.

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