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How to get/remove water out of the phone using Sonic app – Android and iPhone

With devices getting thinner, offering smaller bezels around the screen display, it ends up falling in the toilet, bathtub, and even pool. The best way to avoid this crisis is by getting a waterproof or water-resistance-supported Smartphone, even if your phone might end up being the bad egg, which leads you to learn how to get water out of the phone.

If you are among the hundreds of people searching for how to remove water from your phone, then you are in the right place. “I dropped my phone in water and it won’t turn on” here is the best method to fix a phone dropped in water. Certbolt offers more exam tests.

Even in that case, Smartphones aren’t 100% water-resistance or water-proof supported, but they can withstand an average period of about 1-2 hours of swimming or scuba diving. Others offering more than this is prone to damage.

In a short explanation, let’s understand the differences between Waterproof and Water-resistance – Phones that can survive water splash or a few minute’s drops in a pool are considered water-resistance, why waterproof devices can last for an extended period in water.

When your mobile phone falls into the water, the first advisable step is to quickly shake the Smartphone, which is commendable. But there are a series of cases that may occur when you put the phone inside a sack of rice.

Most websites and people’s mouth suggests that the general method for water-damaging phones is to put the phone inside a sack of rice for up to 24 hours to 36 hours, this will enable the rice to absorb the water very well. But mushy grains of rice mess may be stuck in its creases and I/O ports. Creating serious damage.

With that in mind, we will learn how to remove water from the phone, even if it is a water-damaged phone. This article’s tutorial will only be effective if your Smartphone can be turned on, browse, and download a single app to fix your desired phone.

How does the Sonic app works?

It does work perfectly, the Sonic app ejects the water out of your phone quickly, easily, and fast. The mobile app generates a high-frequency sound wave that makes your phone eject hidden moisture out through the speaker accompanied by strong vibrations.

With the wave powers from the mobile app, Sonic ejects water from your phone via the speaker by playing sounds, at the same moment, you can notice the water bouncing out of your phone speaker.

Fortunately, you can download the Sonic app from your phone app store. It is available for download on Android Smartphone via Google PlayStore. While you can download the Sonic app for iOS devices such as iPhones, and iPad through the Apple app store, iTunes.

The mobile-friendly app comes with some major features such as the tone and sound generator, changing the frequency by sliding up and down, and then the expel water mode that activates as you shake the speaker during sound-generating at a certain frequency.

How to get water out of your phone screen

When your phone slips and falls into a pool of water, the handset itself gets damaged, getting other parts of the device haywire. Most times, you can notice some particles of water inside the phone screen, rendering it inoperable after a little while.

Particles of water can get inside the device through the speaker, depending on the modernity of the device, 3.5mm audio port for earpiece insertion, charging port, microphone port, and sometimes from the back cover for phones that come with a removable battery.

Major blogs advise people with water-damaged phones to put them inside a pack of rice to dry out the water, where this might be of help but the grains of rice might get attached to some important components inside the Smartphone.

For water inside the screen, the best option is to follow the below procedures using the Sonic app as it ejects water from inside the phone out through the speaker grill by playing some annoying high-frequency sounds, or you can use a website tone generator.

However, if this doesn’t solve the problem, which is certainly not, then you can visit the nearest phone repair store, and get the repairer to find the best solution for your Smartphone.

How to remove water from your phone using Sonic App

Introducing the Sonic app, which is available for download on every app store, Google Play store, and Apple iTunes store. The app is simple to use, convenient usage and can do the job perfectly.

With the Sonic app, you can easily get water out of the phone. It does the trick so perfectly, expelling water from their devices through the speaker but this app only works for devices that have support for a waterproof rating.

On the other hand, if your phone does not have a waterproof rating, then it’ll cause damage to the phone – the phone speaker. This means you can damage the phone speaker if you try it.

To get started, then you have to follow the below tutorial, the step-by-step guidelines on how to use the Sonic app to remove water from your phone through the speaker:

1. We guess by now you must have downloaded and installed the app on your Smartphone. After all, it isn’t that big, it’s like 6MB and 24MB on Playstore and iTunes respectively. Then you can log into your account, or you can create one.

2. Now is the time to get those particles of water from inside your phone by either setting the frequency manually or automatically. The water only gets out faster by increasing the frequency, and also the vibration, and then tap Play to play the sound

Manual setting: To do that, you can simply swipe up and down keys to adjust the frequency (Hz), from 1Hz to 25kHz with the Sonic app. While 165Hz is the normal frequency that can expel water from the phone. Increasing the frequency of up to 165Hz is the best option to achieve your goal.

Automatic setting: When you feel like the manual settings did not do the job, then you can use the automatic setting. To do that, hold down the water drop icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen, as this will generate up to a higher frequency of about 4500Hz or 1079Hz.

You can decide to remove your finger to stop the sound, and yes the sound frequency shows on the screen, don’t get bothered about that. However, the same sound will come out through your phone when you tap and hold the water drop, regardless of the frequency.

What when the sound starts playing?

The mobile app is doing almost all the work for you, but you can do a few other things to enhance the process. Although, Sonic advises you to do some yourself:

When you start the process, the company advises you to shake the handset completely to enforce the procedures. But understand that the mechanical vibration generated would shake off the water from the phone completely, but it depends on the severe nature of water penetration.

And also, you are practically advised to increase your mobile phone volume as it’ll help the process. Using a clean towel or absorbent material to remove the resulting surface water will also help out, try getting a dry cloth to dry out the water coming out of the speaker, and probably keep a towel around you.

To confirm if the water is totally out of your phone, you will notice that your phone sound would restore to normal. Once you are sure that the magic is done, you can now turn off the phone sound by pressing the Stop button.

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