How To Fund Your DSTV Box Office Account

We have successfully explained what the DSTV box office is all about and how the DSTV box office works. It is quite simple and much more understandable.

The DSTV Box office is a movie rental platform that allows one to rent movies and watch it for the next 48hours and there is the download access, that you have to subscribe for, it lasts for 30days. How To Fund Your DSTV Box Office Account

Below are the steps by step on how to fund your DSTV Box office account. After funding your account, you can go ahead and Rent any movie of your choice!

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How To Fund Your Box Office Account

There are 3 payment options for BoxOffice. Funding your box office account is more preferable than, paying for each movie, whenever you want to rent a movie. Here are steps to fund your box office account.

*. Log on to
*. Login into your account
*. Navigate to payment menu
*. Make payment by any of your desired payment option and your account will be funded

You can link up to 3 mobile phone numbers for use with BoxOffice. This must be done by the account holder by calling the BoxOffice Contact Centre.

Method 2:

You may choose “Other” which will present you with the mobile wallet feature allows customers to use funds from their wallet to rent a movie/s. Currently the below mentioned wallets are available in Nigeria.

Mobile Wallet allows you to rent a movie. You can top up and pre-pay your account. Current wallets available in Nigeria: InterSwitch (Verve Card); EzeeMoney and Stanbic.

DSTV box office

How to fund DSTV Box Office Wallet via Quickteller

*. Visit Quickteller Box office top up
*. Enter your Smart card number
*. Enter your Email
*. Enter your phone number
*. Enter amount
*. Click on continue
*. N100 will be deducted
*. Enter your necessary card details and you are done!

Pre-paying funds into your BoxOffice Account using any of the above methods is much more advisable, the funds will sit in your BoxOffice Account and will be drawn from every time you rent a movie.

That means, when renting a movie, we’ll subtract the amount from the prepaid balance in your BoxOffice Account.

If you are experiencing any issue with topping up or funding your account, you can either visit their FAQs HERE, or you can go ahead and contact the BoxOffice call centre on +234 12703232.

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