Blackberry phones are still the most powerful device platform for all Smartphone lovers but in the sense of having Blackberry OS is not acceptable.

BlackBerry phones work with the BlackBerry Desktop Software to add content to your phone, share Internet access and sync data. If you have a mobile data plan with tethering, you may be able to use your BlackBerry as a modem for your laptop.

Connect Your Blackberry Phone with your PC to Browse the Internet

How to Connect Your Blackberry Phone with your PC to Browse the Internet

We will just show you the steps in a simpler way. No much talking and remember that you really need a Sync cable, which is the most important thing.

*. Firstly, connect your BlackBerry’s USB cable to the phone and to your computer. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Software on your computer.

*. Proceed by clicking on “Tools” >> select “Mobile Internet Settings.” Select your mobile phone provider from the drop-down menu next to “Profile,” and enter any requested information from your provider. Click “Add custom profile” if you do not see your carrier’s name, and manually enter the provider’s information. Click “OK” when finished.

*. Now go back to the main page of the BlackBerry Desktop Software and select “Tools.” Click “Start Mobile Internet” followed by “Connect” to begin the connection. That’s all.

You may need to contact your mobile service provider for configuration information when setting up your profile. In addition, you need to have tethering enabled on your mobile plan.

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