Today, we will be showing you the method and step by step guide on how to Check the status of your National eID Card. So it is so pure and understandable, if you have enrolled then check it now.

Please use this platform to check if your Card is ready and has been dispatched to an Activation Centre. The details MUST be as you spelt them during enrollment. Please check your NIN Slip.

According to the above statement, the details MUST be just as the way, you have spelt it earlier, when you are registering.

No much talking, an example of that Nation ID Card is like:-

national id card

How to Check the Status of your National eID Card

Firstly, visit the official site of NID Here. When the page loads, it is going to be like this:-

id card portal

Then click on the “Click to Proceed” link on the page and you will directed to this page below:-

id card portal

When the page loads, enter your First Name, Last Name and Nation Identification Number. Your National Identification Number is the last 6 digit of your NIN!

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