How Smartphones Became the Most-Used Betting Hardware

Betting using smartphones has been rising steadily over the years. Billions of people use smartphones globally. That is an appealing number to sportsbook or online betting sites hence there is a huge potential if they are able to attract more smartphone users to the industry.

Despite the launching of online casinos in 1996, the mobile revolution began to pick pace in 2011 when Apple allowed its gambling apps to be installed in their smartphones- iPhones. As for Google Play, they joined the party in 2017, and access to the apps was limited to some countries during the skeleton face.

That does not mean that the use of smartphones to bet had not started earlier since punters had the option of accessing betting websites like Betway using browsers only that there were no exclusive apps dedicated to betting.

However, such platforms did not have detailed info about a betting company but apps have transformed that. Nowadays, gamblers can access over 50 percent of the info they need using a smartphone as well as access almost all games they are looking for.

The Appeal of Using Smartphones to Gamble

Statistics reveal that the most popular activity accessed by smartphone users is the email service, aside from communication. The figure goes up to 58 percent of the users. The same statistics show that 28 percent of users use phones for gaming. As of 2017, approximately 10 percent of the users gambled online but the figure has risen
massively as of 2020. The 10 percent represents a huge number of gamblers hence should not be understated.

Why people prefer it


The reason smartphone use has been rising is that it is convenient. Think of the many times
you have your phone next to you or the many times you forget your phone and realize immediately how inconvenient it is. The phone does so many things for you and one of them is being able to access casinos and sportsbooks anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet.

Good way of passing time

Most times you find yourselves in long queues waiting to access particular services. Imagine how it would be boring if you didn’t have your smartphone to keep you company? Most people will find themselves turning to bet as they wait to be served. In the end, your mind feels at ease since you are pre-occupied. With top features like betting on the go with Betway, there is no place you cannot bet from, provided you have your smartphone with you.

A single account that allows multiple access

The betting account can be easily accessed using your phone even if you had logged in on other devices like your PC or laptop. Betting sites do not require you to cash out while logging out, unlike in-person gambling. That means you can pull out your phone any time of the day, log in to your Betway account, and place a bet.

Availability of Wi-Fi

Practically, anywhere you go, you are able to access the internet if you are within range. Therefore, you do not have the worry of overusing your data. You can take part in online betting comfortably.

Additionally, Smartphones are touchscreen-enabled. The experience is excellent since you do not have to keep pressing buttons like you do with your PC. Smartphones have become the most used betting hardware due to the above benefits.

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