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Download Hike Messenger for PC and Android – Payment, Chat, Calling!

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Say hello to India’s mobile messaging platform, Hike Messenger that is available on all device platform, on Android, PC etc. It is popularly known and used in India with over 100 million users registered.

Hike messenger is a free messaging, voice and video calling messenger app that also has payment embedded. As much, as one wants to avoid it but Hike Messenger ahead of its rival –Whatsapp– is the first application to launch P2P Payments dubbed Hike Pay.

The Hike Pay is a new service that allows users to make both peer-to-peer (P2P) and bank-to-bank payments—the latter being facilitated by the government-backed United Payment Interface (UPI) standard.

Hike users will be able to use the Hike wallet to pay for postpaid airtime bills and also to buy pre-paid airtime from within the app. Alongside, there is the new Hike Blue Packets, lets users send monetary gifts to other Hike users in different occasions, say, birthdays or weddings.

Hike Messenger

Have you met with Mittal, the 29-year-old son of an Indian telecom tycoon, set up messaging app Hike in 2012. Nearly five years later, Hike is India’s most popular homegrown messaging app with more than 100 million users.

A more recent survey of students in urban India conducted by Tata Consultancy Services in December 2016 also found a significant gap between Hike and WhatsApp. According to the poll, 83% of respondents named WhatsApp as a preferred instant messaging app, while just 44% said the same for Hike.

Download Hike Messenger

Do you want to Download and install the Hike Messenger to chat with friends, video calling, voice calling, payment and many more. Then follow the below process;

Download for Android : Google Playstore

Download for Laptop / PC : You can download Bluestacks and then, search for the Hike Messenger application using the tool bar. After then, you need to download and install it on your PC.

Download for Apple: iTunes

How to install Hike Messenger on PC without Bluestacks

Below are the step by step guide on how to install Bluestacks on your PC, Laptop without installing the bluestacks.

*. Download and Install ARC Welder on Google Chrome HERE
*. The icon of Chrome App Launcher will be automatically created on Desktop or you can access it, or by typing chrome://apps/ in address bar on Chrome.
*. Launch the ARC Welder.
*. Download Hike Messenger Apk HERE
*. In ARC Welder click on “+” plus icon and browse to Hike Apk and select it.
*. You also need to choose Orientation: Portrait or landscape, choose any of your choice.
*. Launch the Hike app.

Have you heard of Hike Total? It is a customized version of Android designed to enable the use of certain services without an active Internet connection in collaboration with mobile data network.

Hike Total is built on top of USSD, a communication protocol supported by nearly all GSM phones that’s been used by operators to deliver all kinds of services for nearly as long as mobile phones have been around.

hike messenger

Hike Total uses a lot of USSD codes to enable the use of Hike services without an Internet connection, though Hike uses something it calls UTP (Universal Transfer Protocol) that Mittal says makes communication using USSD more efficient and secure.

According to the CEO, it is tortally free, as there is no limit. Anyways, to get the Hike Total, you will need to buy a smartphone that comes preloaded with Hike Total to be able to enjoy its benefits.

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