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Top High Tech Toilet in the World – Smart Toilet Pics

Smart Toilet seems to be one of the best innovations in the world. For those that don’t know about “Smart Toilet,” it is a set of equipment that is technically able and wise to make your dumps go straight away either by tapping a button or through Sensor Recognition.

The most high-tech toilet doesn’t smell at all. No more embarrassing smells! Few Smart toilet seats have a built-in fans to eliminate bad odors from your bathroom. So you can see that technology is no longer waiting for you.

This smart toilet is the latest in a long line of ‘smart’ innovations rolling into the public eye recently. The difference between the smart toilet and those innovations though is the ecological benefits to it.

In addition to solar power, the toilet also breaks down waste to be used as fertilizer and cleans up after itself. The toilet isn’t connected to any sewer system either and is completely self-contained. It can also treat wastewater in only 3 to 4 hours, so there won’t be any nasty water sitting around in your home.

Immediately, you are through, just tap a button and automatically, it starts doing its job.

Cool designs.

Many buttons to understand but few tricks you don’t know.


This is FAN!

The same fan taking the smell away from you to somewhere else.

That is the latest TOTO!

Simplicity at its best!

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