Happy New Year Everyone! What is your New Year Resolution in 2017! Many Thanks to all FBL Users - Nigeria Tech Zone

Happy New Year Everyone! Many thanks to everybody who was here with us! Sorry to say this but we would no longer see, view, touch, feel 2016 again, it is gone and it is gone! No matter what, it is not coming back!

2016 is not coming back like-wise your problems, your problems and troubles will also follow 2016 and vanished, it is going into Oblivion!

So look forward into 2017, Look forward to getting New Problems like;

Where Should I worship God like never before?
Where and when Should I invest into God’s House?
Where Should I build my house?
Where Should I park Ma Jeep?
Where Should I buy the land?
Where Should I spend my holidays?
Where should i travel to; Dubai or London?
Where Should I ETC

Remember to do something more beautiful and wonderful before entering 2017!

And also Write down your New Year Resolution?????

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