How to contact GTBank customer care – Live Chat, Number, Email

If you don’t have full idea or programs about Guarantee Trust Bank, it is fine but about the GTBank customer care activeness, then you must be mistaken. Guarantee Trust Bank offers one of the best, if not the best customer care service among banks in Nigeria.

They are keen on providing the best assistant, whenever you slip away or make a silly mistake, they are always there to help out. If you are looking for ways on how to contact GTBank customer care service, then look no more.

With GTBank customer care service, you can easily re-structure your account, find out more about illegal cashflow from your account, Gtbank transfer code, or even block your current Naira MasterCard. They are versatile.

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How to contact GTBank Customer Care

GTBank customer care line helps regain your account, and you can easily reach them from anywhere on the internet and even off the internet. Below are different ways to contact their customer care service:

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GTBank Customer Care Number

GTBank customer care number line is 0700 4826 66328, 01-4480000, 08029002900, 08039003900 and follow the voice prompt or press 2 and 0 to speak to an Agent.

Their call center works 24 hour, +234 700 GTCONNECT, +234 700 482666328, +234 1 4602013, +234 80 3900 3900, +234 80 2900 2900. Aside from this, they are other ways also.

gtbank customer care number
GTBank customer care number – Gurantee Trust Bank

GTBank Social Media

*. Facebook: @Gtbank

*. Twitter: @Gtbank & @gtbank_help

*. Instagram: @Gtbank

*. LinkedIn: @Gtbank

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Email Address

For Internet banking: [email protected]

For Fraud suspect: [email protected]

For Investors: Tel: +234 8113791385
Email: [email protected]

GTBank Live Chat

With GTBank Live Chat, you are provided the opportunity to chat online with any of their Customer Care representatives concerning your account or general enquiries. Click HERE to start.

Head Office Address

Plot 635, Akin Adesola
Victoria Island, Lagos.
Tel: +234 1 2715227

Support customer care

What GTBank Customer Care help you with

*. Bill Payment
*. Funds Transfer
*. Dispense Error
*. Account balance enquiry
*. Online banking enquiries
*. ATM card block request
*. Card transaction issues
*. Card PIN re-issue request
*. Dormant account reactivation
*. Account reactivation
*. Statement of account request
*. Cheque book request
*. Enquiries for Non Resident Nigerian Services

Go ahead and contact Guarantee Trust Bank customer care for any issue, complaints, problem and get it solved quickly. I can sincerely confirm that GTBank twitter and e-fraud team are the best, and acts as the fastest way to answer your request.

92 thoughts on “How to contact GTBank customer care – Live Chat, Number, Email”

  1. Good day,
    I used my gtb card via POS to effect payment on Monday 13th March, 2023 for the sum of 12, 430 , the POS machine showed declined but i was debited. my details is Hassan Ibrahim Garba, 0008937523, Gtb. kindly resolve and reverse.

  2. good evening ma/sir y name is stephen ojoma edino. since yesterday 12 of march i sent 50000 to an access account 1650582809. the recipient has not received it. but, i have been debited. my account number is 0004141203. account names ojoma edino stephen. transfer was made @ gtb commercial road apapa lagos.

  3. I made a transfer of 17500 for school fee to first bank account and I was debited but the receiver haven’t received it since on the 16th of February 2023,

  4. Please gtbank good evening sir or madam please I use pos to buy fuel 5000 Wednesday last week but it failed and i was debited please I need my money back please Thanks

  5. I made a payment for a materials I bought on 3rd of March 2023 at 6:04 pm to Ericmore C ventures using their pos machine and was debited but got a decline receipt transaction please I need help in resolving this issue.

  6. Pls Gt bank I’m ezinwa Ikechukwu Jude some one send me money into my account and ever since there I have deny of making transaction, pls help me resolve it.

  7. Your securities at Sango ojuore are lack of manner. The are sending away all the customers without even listen to their complain.

    This is my first time to bank at sango and I am so disappointed in them just because of transfer.

    You need to do something

  8. Someone sent money to me since last 2weeks I didn’t received it and it was Successful from d sender pls wats d problem all about 08088369232 kindly check it and give me feed back

    • Please someone sent to me since Wednesday and it was successful but I’m yet to receive the money since Wednesday

      • Debit
        Desc:099MJKL23030sjCd/Amt includes COMM & VAT/USSD§NIP/OJEDIRAN GIDEON
        Avail Bal:NGN170,723.12

        This is the debit of the person but am yet to receive the money

  9. Good evening,I made 20,000 transfer to zenieth bank account,1005353922 and they deducted another 20,000 and the recipient received only 20,000 up till now my 20,000 has not been reversed.this my account number,0159679019.Gtn

  10. Dear GTBank
    My name is Onyeke Michael Udeviotu with the account number:0121950928. I made a transaction with a fast food, I got food worth #4050 , I used my ? ATM to pay, it shows declined on their POS twice but I was debited the sum of #4050 twice making #8100 , I went back to complain at the fast food , they said I should contact my bank and have contacted and complain since February 20 my money has not been reversed yet , please GTBANK should reverse my money it’s not easy out here, there is no money anywhere I can’t be suffering and I have money in my account please reverse my money, GTBANK is good and am suprised they have not reversed my money….

  11. -0028489325
    -16th February 2023
    Hello Gtbank, I forwarded my complaint last week, I paid N4100 to yahuza suya Abuja on Tuesday 16th February 2023 time 5:33pm up to this time it has not revert back, pls help.

  12. Please GTB i sent 16,000 to first bank till now the receiver haven’t seen the money please I understand what is going on in bank now please help me to resolve it

  13. Good day to you all at gtb I have called several times and solutions have not been granted I have tried to chat with your customer care you guys ll takes days to respond to common hi…please try and rectify all fail transaction that you guys still deduct from my account from the 26th of January…it’s like you guys recruited bunch of fraudsters you guys will deduct money without transaction and block alert

    • Hello good afternoon ma my name is aborode Ganiyu Ishola, some one send me #100,000 hundred thousand naira inside my account DATE of FEBRUARY 13 since that day I did not receive my money except another money that they are sending to me, please help me check on the 13 February last month

  14. I made a transfer to Access account through GTB ATM machine using Zenith ATM card. The recipient has not received it. The transaction was done on 9/2/2023.

  15. Please I need your help I’m doing BVN now but the inssue I have GTB to me my BVN number to send it to me because it’s successful here say
    Make are waiting for bank to answer me

  16. Gtbank you have a big thief amongst your staff that is going about deducting money from peoples account, I’ve just been debited 700 naira of which I didn’t do any transaction yesterday it was 600
    And this has been happening to me for a long time sometimes it’s 60 naira
    I’m really tired of this fraud and wickedness

  17. Hello,
    Good Afternoon, i try to use my credit card for online service like PayPal,Google account and other online service but when I put the card it say your credit card/debit card has expired. The card is still valid its will expire by 2024.

  18. I recharged some numbers with my gtb app but they credit one number but the remaining two numbers were not credited. The number are 08029744882, 09064360336. With 100 naira each and the money was deducted from my account.

  19. For 15 days now my money has not been reverse. Why? Do you guys know how I suffer to get the money, I have been patient long enough, gtbank will hear from me today in the bank

  20. Hello, I made a transaction yesterday but it didn’t reflect in my balance… I recharged from my bank ACC but it didn’t reflect in my balance. Pls do something about it

  21. I am trying to activate my app, opt sent to my email did not go through how do i proceed in the registration.

  22. Hello morning to u am tired of you people deducting too much money from my account for what whenever I withdraw money you guys will debit me as your Bank charges but what happened that you people are still debiting me with one stupid message that transaction for February and same thing has happened this morning say transaction for March for what I own my money now I wanted to pay my school fees to balance from the money sent to me yesterday but you people have used one stupid message to distort my money please reserve my money back.

  23. More Info for Email Admins
    Status code: 550 5.7.1_ETR

    GTB whenever i send an email to [email protected] it bounces back. see error messages below. This is frustrating. I was asked to fill another indemnity which i did last year. I am irritated with your service. please open my email flow blocked for reasons i know not of.

    This error occurs because an email admin at has created a custom mail flow rule that has blocked the sender’s message.

    In some cases, the sender can change the message so it no longer violates the rule. However, depending on the rule’s conditions, it’s possible that the only way to deliver the message is to change the rule itself, and only an email admin at can do that. Although it’s possible the rule is unintentionally flawed or it’s stricter than the admin intended, it may be working exactly as they want it to.

  24. hi goodafternoon my money was remove from my account a sum of 5000 naira i want you to check and tell me what went wrong

  25. My Gtbank app was blocked while I was trying to login due to the misplace replacement of verification code and I was asked to contact customer care,please I want to activate my app you people should help me.


  27. The sim that link to my bvn
    n have lost and have do charging of num so I want to link my sim that am using to receive alert with bvn pls help me out

  28. Good morning
    I made a transaction yesterday night which has been debited in my account and I have not been credited at the receiving end.
    please help me check that
    thanks for your usual cooperation

  29. Please sir I need your help I withdraw money this morning 5,000 but wen money is come network is down so I saw debate no from my account so I withdraw another one a successful the first one I think we prefer it’s back again I need say anything till now help me for it my name sulaimon waliu olaniyi

  30. My issue is I created gtb Mobile wallet yesterday and I was given an Account number today…so I received money to the account and I received the alert,but now I want to transfer money from the account but it’s telling me insufficient

  31. the ATM instant card machine at Olusosun along Ojota lagos stop working at the point of making my card and the bank debit me for the amount
    please i need them to refund my money back because i could not collect my ATM card since the instant machine stop working

  32. I’m Jimoh Zainab Olaolu I want to upgrade my account which I don’t have a BVN yet, I have done all the Necessary required documents in the bank since Friday 23rd April 2021
    Which it hasn’t reflect up till now, how could I go with this

  33. I can’t get a quick credit and salary advice, I complain to nearest gtb customer they collect my information they say they will send for re profile me I do this complain up to 19 times

  34. Please Gt bank I sent money through the quick teller app for my gotv account subscription and I was debited but my gotv account was never credited untill now
    Please I want u guys to sought it out or refund my money plesae

  35. Good afternoon, please I have been trying to order something on AliExpress But keep getting a message to contact my card issued, what could be the reason?

  36. Please GTbank why are ppl treating me this way…. I made a transaction just yesterday i didn’t receive alert @all…

  37. Although my BVN had been sheard by my wife to so-called inksnation and ever since then I have been having the issue of no access to my account. Please be of help

  38. Chikauso ezenma transferred the sum of #10,000 from his access account to my account on the 20/10/2020 by 18:22:11.up to this very moment am still yet to get the credit alert why?.

  39. My account has been deducted by 6000 without any reason of what so ever my account no. Is 0141983302
    Samson osanyinbi is my account name

  40. I made a cardless withdrawal on Friday but the machine was unable to dispense cash and my accounthas been debited since then without a reversal

  41. I called customers care earlier today in respect to my on line banking..and I was told that it could be sent to me immediately to my email..up till now I have not received any email from them since 5hours ago. And I need to make an urgent transaction thank u

  42. I was trying to withdraw from pos on 30 july,2020 when they debited me with N5000 and uptil this moment the fund has not reverse.

  43. Please,thirty five thousand naira transactions credit into my account this month i can’t received alert please i need u to send me my account balance

  44. I noticed some indiscriminate charges on my account, I purchased airtime 500 airtime for someone and about one thousand five hundred was deducted from my account, a similar incident took place early this week please look into it thanks

  45. Hi guys am based in United States and l will like to open an account in GTBANK Nigeria.
    Please how do I go about it, thank you.

    • Hello, according to their Press media centre on first of August, 2019. The bank stated that they will launch the Whatsapp customer care service, but they haven’t. Be rest assured that when they do, we will definitely update this article. PS: You can quickly reach them via their Twitter help handle. Thank you.


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