How to pay for GOtv Plus/Lite – Packages and Prices in Kenya

GOtv is one of the major players in the pay-tv services in Kenya and they are popularly used nationwide. However, after the introduction of GOtv Plus and GOtv Lite, Kenyans has since welcome the development!

There is also the GOtv Max and GOtv Value too with their mouth watering packages, that makes their users or subscribers think more!

Although, they are not only the working Multichoice company, GOtv also have another competitive groups from other pay-tv services such as Zuku, Startimes, and Bamba.

So today, FBL is going to list out the packages of GOtv Plus and GOtv Lite and we will also include the step by step guide on how to pay for your packages.

gotv channels

All GOtv subscribers have access to channel categories such as sports, entertainment, religious content, children’s programming, fashion, and food. The level of access is, of course, dependent on the bouquet.

But those subscribed to the GOtv Plus have access to more channel categories than those subscribed to the Value and Lite.

Price of GOtv Decoder in Kenya

Howver, right now, a GOtv decoder and GOtenna retail at Ksh. 2,999. Meanwhile, this starter kit comes with a free one-month GOtv Plus subscription.

But the joy comes up when you are a new subscriber, you gets to enjoy 40 local and international channels. After one month, the subscriber is free to choose the package. Which is amazing!

Currently, GOtv Kenya has three main packages which are: GOtv Lite, GOtv Value, and GOtv Plus. The GOtv Plus is the premium bouquet; hence, higher priced of the three while GOtv Lite is the cheapest.

*. GOtv Lite Packages

Lets begin from the GoTV Lite Package. Did you know that GoTV converted this one year FTA subscription into something totally different and that is the GoTV Lite package?

With the GoTV Lite package, you have to pay Ksh 555 every four months to gain access to a couple of local channels and other weird international channels.

gotv lite channels

List of all GOtv Lite Packages in Kenya

*. Inooro TV
*. Fashion TV
*. America’s Got Talent
*. KBC Channel 1
*. NTV
*. Citizen
*. KTN News
*. K24
*. JimJam
*. Faith
*. Islam Channel
*. Aljazeera
*. Afro Music

The GOtv Lite package comes with three payment options: you can either pay monthly, quarterly, or annually.

GOtv Plus Packages

This is GOtv’s premium package and that may explain the selective offer.

gotv plus channels

List of all GOtv Lite Packages in Kenya

*. Inooro TV
*. Telemundo
*. E!
*. Fox Life
*. Discovery Channels
*. Movies Zone
*. Zee WORLD
*. Fashion One
*. Nat Geo Wild
*. Voxafrica, Big brother Naija
*. S blitz
*. S9
*. S select
*. S select 2
*. E Africa
*. Kasstv
*. GBS
*. Ebr
*. KBC
*. NTV
*. KTN
*. K24
*. Disney Junior
*. JimJam
*. MV Base
*. Afro Music
*. Faith Broadcasting Network
*. Islam Channel
*. Emmanuel Tv
*. BBC
*. CNN
*. Aljazeera
*. B4U Movies

GOtv offers you various payments options: you can make payments via M-Pesa (Business No.: 423655), Airtel Money (Business name: GOTV), Visa Card, PesPal, CraftSilicon, or through local banks. This is how to Pay for GOtv Lite – GOtv Plus in Kenya using Mpesa.

It is very simple. GOTV has both Free-to-air (FTA) and paid channels within their digital TV content. You can find a GOtv dealer and identify suitable packages from the GOtv Kenya official website. This steps are;

How to pay for GOTV in Kenya using Mpesa

Ensure that the GOtv decoder is on.
Go to MPESA menu and choose Pay Bill.
Enter the GOtv Mpesa business number 423655.
Enter ICU number (ICU number is found on a red sticker at the bottom of your decoder).
Enter the amount to pay.
Key in your MPESA PIN
Confirm that you have entered the correct details, then send to complete the transaction.
Wait for the confirmation SMS


How to Pay GOtv in Kenya using Mpesa with GOTV Paybill Number

1. Go to Mpesa menu and choose ‘Pay Bill’
2. Key in the Paybill number which is 423655
3. Key in your IUC number; this you can get it from the bottom of your decoder on a red sticker.
4. Key in the correct amount for the package you wish to pay for. You can find the different packages available to you here and the GO TV Channels they offer.
5.Key in your M-Pesa PIN
6. Check again to ensure that you have input the correct information
7. Wait for a confirmation message

Although, there are other methods of GOtv payment include paying online, and using Equity bank, Prime bank, Faulu bank, Centenary, Diamond Trust and others.

gotv k2999

How do I re-scan my GOTV?

>> Install your GOtv account.
>> Connect your decoder to the TV using the Audio and Video (AV) cables provided.
>> Switch the TV on and press the AV button on the TV remote control to go to the appropriate AV channel.
>> Once the decoder has finished scanning it will indicate the number of services acquired.

GOtv Kenya Eazy Self Service

This is GOtv’s online platform that offers customers the self-service option. This way, they can manage their subscriptions online. Through this platform, you can find dealers or installers near you, learn about the various payment methods, get more details on your GOtv decoder, and clear error codes.

Kenyans has come to notice that this platform is not very effective when it comes to clearing error codes. Most subscribers end up having to call customer care agents for assistance.

GOtv Customer Care contacts

Tel: +254711 066 000
USSD: *423#
Shortcode: 22688

Do you have any other questions, then try visiting the official Kenya GOtv website or use the below comment box and we will definitely get back to you!

152 thoughts on “How to pay for GOtv Plus/Lite – Packages and Prices in Kenya”

  1. I am on Gotv Max, i noticed later that I have lost channels like NTV, all sports channels.
    I have turned the aerial all round to no avail. Al your guidelines to check the signal strength have failed, am now left but only one choice, take the local channel subscription @ 290/
    Advice soonest.

  2. I have tried all I could to subscribe for gotv plus 1900 and gotv lite on net with www. quick teller. con/gitv but it was not successful. what can I do ? my phone no. 08063127852

  3. I am a Gambian and I would like to ask if Gotv can operate that is can receive signal while in the Gambia.
    Can it tune in
    to watch English premiership match, Laliga and European football championship league

    • Hi Jane, since when did you pay for it?
      Is it up to 24hours?

      If yes, then unplug the decoder, 10 minutes later, re-connect it and then try re-scanning the channels to find out.
      If it continues, contact a technician.
      Your feedback would be highly appreciated!

  4. Hallo, I just paid for my decoder 4th April 2018 which is this year, however this morning I woke only to find some channels like Disney junior, KTN and other channels missing even after scanning ate still missing., what could be the problem? Thanks in advance

    • Hi Faith, try following the below steps;

      Press Menu >>information Central >> OK >> info button (or i button) >> Press 7.
      Automatically, the decoder will reboot and return to FTI page.
      Now select
      – Language (English)
      – Country (Nigeria)
      – Antenna Power (OFF).
      The decoder will re-scan.

      If it still continues then contact nearby technician.

    • Hello Henry,
      the cheapest is the GOtv Lite, where you can pay;
      – KES 260 per month.
      – KES 590 every 3 months
      – KES 1,500 per year

      On how to pay, Please CLICK HERE as they are a lot of methods and procedures.

    • Hello Mark, if it is not still showing after 24hours – 72hours, it would be advisable to visit the nearest technician shop.
      We would be expecting your feedback soon.

  5. I paid for gotv lite yesterrday am being asked to add ksh515 for what now yet no channel is showing only KBC, do I look like KBC nkt do something as soon as possible IUC 2017190571

    • Hello to do that, Goto GOtv Lite Package website HERE and then tap on the “GOT GOTV SWITCH TO GOtv LITE”

      A pop up will appear, fill in the blanks space provided and you are good to go. Image below;


      Your feedback will be appreciated.

  6. I have paid gotv lite ksh 260 today thru paybilll no 423655 my ICU 7017616469 but still scrambled since now. If ur not ready to provide enough service we can migrate to other decoder like sonar which is efficient en free to air

  7. I have payd 699/= AUC number 7013553491 Mpesa paybill number 423655 but i have not seen eny delivary tody upto now my phone number wich i used to pay withit is 0724773479

  8. Mwaniki Mungai

    Iam mwaniki mungai, I paid 470 on 8/10/2017 at 7.41pm. this is because I wanted to change from ksh 699 to ksh 470 package. now my money is lying idle as am not seeing any channel apart from kbc. what do I do? ICU no 2016923863

  9. Mwaniki Mungai

    Iam mwaniki mungai, I paid 470 on 8/10/2017 at 7.41pm. this is because I wanted to change from ksh 699 to ksh 470 package. now my money is lying idle as am not seeing any channel apart from kbc. what do I do?

  10. I payed a GOTV plus package for ksh 699, two weeks ago,but even now l couldn’t watch documentary ,sports and kids channel,why….!!!!?….
    ICU number,… 2018925200
    My phone number; 0792984854

  11. I am Marry Shinaka,IUC 2017992658.I paid yesterday but my decoder is not yet active how much do you want me to add you for free to air channels

  12. I had paid for my Gotv plus wich has expired today. Now am requesting the balance left on my account of not less than 500 be used to pay for Lite package. My Iuc no. is, 2014292646. Tel. 0725762280. Thanks

  13. i only have paid ksh.220 and there is no channel viewing kindly change my subscription premium because i have been sabscrbing all channels some month before…kindly waiting

  14. I paid ksh.450 for my decoder and its only showing one channel i.e kbc what do i do?iuc no .2016118578 mpesa ref. no.LGH6LLXARE.

  15. I have paid 700 +150 +50 and is still telling me that I have a balance of 691 .so how much am I support to pay for gotvplus ? 2017677453

  16. Kindly update my subscription,, I have paid 220,,,,its just hell for you guys to update or clear the error code,,,we are also having the problem on the signal here in Busia

  17. Hi have just paid for Gotv lite quarterly subscription. Can you kindly activate my decorder pls my IUC No 2018889458.

  18. i have just paid gotv 500bob,is there a way i can change it into gotv elite to keep watching for the time being

    • Hello Vickson, it is advisable you complete the first package you have already subscribe to, then later, you can move on to another package. Hope it helps? Thank you

  19. Its been a week since I paid lite package for 500.I’ve used more than 100shs to reactivate but to no avail .I think I could have used that money somewhere else .if by this week it doesn’t activate just know that I’ve lost a customer

    • Hello Douglas, you can activate the GoTv Monthly, Annually and Quarterly by visiting the official website and click on “Activate” link that is located at the Top Menu. Something like this;


  20. Hi am not happy coz signet channels are not showing pliz do something,& is 699 permanent or will change.if so then tell b4 payment good for now,b blessed but signer pliz

  21. I paid for gotv plus 700 on April 23 and the is telling me to upgrade and it has not expired i can’t understand

    • Please you are advised to take your GoTV to a nearby working center, so that they will able to confirm the issue over there. Or you can visit the official GOtv website for more information.

  22. Decoder IUC NO. 2017283811 used to pay Ksh 700 for Gotv plus packages. Yesterday i paid ksh. 220/= for Elite packages but upto now the decorder is airing only KBC channel, kindy do the needful or refund back the cash.
    Mpesa receipt no. LE47UMBXFL

  23. Paid 250 for IUC2017135757 but i could only watch Kcb paid 170yesterday no feedback what is wrong need to use my decoder or refund me back my cash

  24. I paid for go tv lite for 220 going through activation was hell and was nt successful
    mpesa receipt number LCK1F2M9AD
    account 4622877747
    can it please be activated or i be refunded my money


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