Google always removes Billion Pirate Search Results Yearly

This is one of the most amazing news of the time. Humans always use the Google search to check for Keywords that are not healthy to the society and to a particular company and according to Google policy such keywords could be taken down.

Google received more than one billion take-down requests from copyright holders for content infringement in the last twelve months, according to statistics reflecting in the Google’s Transparency Report.


This is a new record, which is in line with the increasing number of takedown requests Google has received, forcing the search giant to be more strict in its action against piracy.

All the Copyright holders continue to flood Google with DMCA takedown requests, targeting “pirate links” in the company’s search results.

Over the past twelve months, Google has been asked to remove 1,007,741,143 links to allegedly infringing pages. Google has up till now totally processed just over two billion allegedly infringing URLs from 945,000 different domains.


In comparison to several years for the first, the second billion took only a year, which shows how quickly the volume of takedown requests is increasing. Going by the current rate, another billion will be added by the end of next summer.

Well, this is really amazing and wonderful. Atleast, this will helps Google to be a more powerful and healthy place to visit regularly. Meanwhile, Happy New Month!

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