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Google Planning on Killing Password Logging on Android Smartphone

Speaking at the company’s I/O developer conference, Google, wants to stop users from using Passwords to log into their Android Smartphone. Google wants to kill off passwords for logging into your Android smartphone.

Even after Windows Phone fell down into unlimited doom, Google is about changing the interface face of Android Smartphone. Google believes it can eliminate the tedium of having to enter a password for your smartphone, and banks will be the first to trial this experimental login method, with plans for a more general scheme to be rolled out to others by the end of the year.

Password security stock picture In this day and age, each of us with a digital personality might find life to be a whole lot convenient, but on the other hand, it can be pretty challenging as well.

Google is planning to use “trust scores” to kill off traditional passwords on Android. The internet giant wants to get rid of password logins, at least for Android apps, by 2017.

Google’s ‘Project Abacus’ wants to replace passwords and pins with biometric logins — and banks will do the initial testing soon. Google Plan to Kill Off Passwords is currently all over the internet.

What Google is doing — in a scheme known as as Project Abacus — is working on a system which replaces using a password or PIN to unlock the phone with one which uses biometric data and other information. Google aims to get rid of passwords to replace them with ‘trust scores’ Google Aims To Get Rid of Passwords for Android Apps

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