Google announces second-generation of its Pixel Buds with hand-free access to Google Assistance

Google Pixel Buds was among the biggest audio products/gadgets to be announced during their October launch event. This is the company’s latest true-wireless earbuds with instant access to the Google Assistant.

By just saying “Hey Google,” to get directions, send a text or email, and even translate foreign languages. The new Pixel buds comes with an intriguing hybrid design, with high-quality adaptive sound and long-range Bluetooth connectivity.

Nevertheless, the 2019 Google Pixel Buds happens to be the successor to the original 2017 Pixels Buds. The new Pixel Buds will be available during spring 2020 for $179 per unit.

It seems much similar to the other TWS earbuds in the markets, but the Pixel Buds comes with a rounder, egg-shaped case but there is an in-ear grip that makes the earbuds stay in-tact inside the ear. Providing secured and comfortable grip.

The new Google’ Pixel Buds features an Adaptive Sound that dynamically adjusts the volume as one moves from a quiet environment to a noisy one. There is a voice accelerometer that can detect speech through the vibrations of one’s jawbone.

Google Pixel Buds

It also comes with a dual microphones in each earbud that suppresses other sounds in the background.Aside from everything, the easy access to Google Assistant summarizes everything.

It is available in Clearly White, Oh So Orange, Quite Mint, Almost Black colour options. While the charging case is sweating and water-resistant. The design is totally different from the $249 Microsoft Surface Earbuds.

Where you don’t have to turn to your phone or tap any button, Just say “Hey Google” to ask Assistant for whatever you need. Google aren’t the first, Apple has also done something similar by adding hand-free access to Siri earlier this year.

Google boasts about the long-range Bluetooth connectivity, where they said that it lets you use Pixel Buds even when one’s phone isn’t by their side and indoors, the wireless earbuds will stay connected three rooms away and outdoors, a football field distance away.

There is automatic detection, touch controls like tap to play or pause, and swipe to adjust volume. It comes with a built-in battery that provides 5 hours of listening time on a single charge, up to 24 hours with the wireless charging case.

The Pixel Buds can pair with your Pixel phone and other Android 6.0+ devices with a single tap, Bluetooth 4.0+ laptops, tablets, and iOS devices. It costs $179 and will be available in Spring 2020.

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