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Say Hello to Google Pixel Buds with Google Assistant and Google Clips

Still on the announcement from Google at the #MadebyGoogle event. We are once more bringing to your notice another huge gadgets! Say Hello to the Google Pixel Buds and Google Clips for Pixel 2!

Google Pixel Buds

Something is really sounding great here, looking at the Pixel Buds on the action -hanging on someone’s ear below- you’d notice something worth writing home, how its sits in an equilibrium position on your neck.

A lot of people has been mentioning the Google Pixel Bugs as the new AirPod from Apple, but actually, -to me- there are much difference there!

Google Pixel Bug

The AirPod which was debuted earlier before the Pixel Bugs has so many controversy which includes getting lost, and it leads to a lot of people diving to producing a device to hold the AirPod when placed on the ear, very bad!

One thing connecting both is the Charging aspect, you can charge the Google Pixel Bugs. It comes in 40 different languages and you can translates it in real time.

The Google Pixel Buds are wireless headphones designed for use with the company’s new Pixel 2 handset. Controls are on the right earbud, and aside from typical volume and track controls, Pixel Buds offer easy access to Google Assistant as well.

After you must have paired the phones to the handset, you can simply tap the right earpiece and issue a command to Google Assistant on the Pixel 2. You can have it play music, give you directions, place a phone call and whatnot etc.

Google Pixel Bugs

Pixel Buds come in three colors—Just Black, Clearly White and Kinda Blue—to match your Pixel 2. They’ll be available in November for $159 in the U.S. and are available to pre-order today. They’re also coming to Canada, U.K., Germany, Australia and Singapore in November.

Google Clips

Once More, introducing is the Google Clips is a tiny gadget that comes with a high-performance lens and an AI engine, at the core of the camera.

According to the company, the Clips has only been perfected to work on Pixel 2. Meanwhile, you can take some photos and send it to Google Photos to automatically stitch together clips in mere moments.

One of the biggest use of the Google Clips is its uses for Family Purposes! There’s a shutter button, but it’s completely optional to use. Instead, it takes pictures for you, using machine learning to recognize and learn faces and look for interesting moments to record.

And one good thing about the Clips is that, it is light weighted and also it can be set on tables, chairs, etc it is just looking for the right moment to capture.

Google clips with lens

Payne says that’s intentional. “It looks like a camera. It’s pretty obvious. It’s designed to be playful and approachable in its design. It was never a goal of ours to make something that blends in.”

Your clips sync wirelessly and in seconds from the camera to the Google Clips app for Android or iOS. Simply swipe to save or delete your clips, or choose an individual frame to save as a high-resolution still photo.

You can view and organize anything you’ve saved in Google Photos (or your favorite gallery app). And if you’re using Google Photos, you can backup unlimited clips for free.

Meanwhile, your Privacy Matters, “We know privacy and control really matter, so we’ve been thoughtful about this for Clips users, their families, and friends.”

There is no more news on when it is arriving but the Clips is “coming soon” and sells for $249! It works best with Pixel, and also works with Samsung S7/8 and on iPhone (6 and up).

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