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Don’t know how to play piano? Here is Google’s Piano Genie!

Everyone want to learn how to play a piano in the most fastest and easiest method but the costs of getting a trainer might be expensive. Here is the Google’s AI Piano Genie, it is a brilliant controller that allows you to play piano in the most opulent and magnificent way.

Google is bringing a well known sumptuous idea of the popular Rock Band and Guitar Hero but instead, they struck it up a notch further. Even if you really don’t know how to play a piano, don’t know a single step, or being a professional, the intelligent controller will enhance it and deliver an interesting tone!

The new Piano Genie is powered by a neural network trained on classical piano music, and it translates what you tap out on eight buttons into music that uses all 88 piano keys. It comes from Google’s Magenta research project.

“I think it’s a powerful combination I hope to see a lot more of,” says Donahue. He says that when newcomers try Piano Genie, they’re quickly delighted. “They have a tendency to timidly press a couple of keys here and there at first, but then if I say, ‘Imagine you’re a concert pianist onstage at Carnegie Hall,’ they get it more and really go for it.”

Improviation is at its highest mark here, you can simply use the Google’s AI-powered Piano Genie perfectly by tapping on the buttons. The AI-powered software is quite simpler, the neural network – it is a type of program that’s particularly good at learning to mimic sequential data, such as writing and music.

To make the neural network more professional, Google filled it with piano music’s taken from an international competition, known as Piano e-competition!

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