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Google Gboard now draws Emojis for you – Smart Keyboards

The Google Gboard has just got a new Feature! This smart feature that is added to it, makes the chats to gets more smarter than ever.

Well, but you don’t get turn to draw an Emoji but google tries to guess your search and brings up something for you in a drawing format!

In a complete sense, this Smart Keyboard now predict emojis from your drawings and anticipate whole phrases! The keyboard has used machine learning for a while now to predict the next word that you might want to type, and has more recently added things like inserting a google search or auto translating text right in your conversation.

Google’s keyboard now recognizes hand-drawn emoji and will now predict full phrases instead of just the next possible word. The changes are expected to come to the iOS version at a later date.

You can Download Google GBoards Here.

The company’s AI research also helps improve Gboard’s natural language understanding. That way, when you type a phrase like “looking forward,” Google understands the context and will now suggest “to it” or “to seeing.”

Google says Gboard’s search function will now show more results and also more easily link out to other apps like Google Maps and YouTube when appropriate. Google is also adding support for more languages

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