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Google flagged 25,000 Android apps for malware for safety

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Oh yes, this is coming straight from the Google! It is official, Google are really trying to get Android Smartphone into safety as they flagged over 25,000 Android apps.

According to Google, each app is scanned for malware and other exploits before being listed on the Play Store. But scans don’t catch everything, and each app you download could still contain malware or other unknown exploits.

To combat this, Google keeps an eye on each app downloaded after it’s added to an Android device. Using information transmitted between your device and Google’s servers, engineers can see if an application starts messing with things it shouldn’t — like device settings or security protocols (without permission).

Android 7.0 Nougat

If an app attempts to sever the communication between Google’s servers and the device, engineers are able to monitor if this is happening to others by analyzing lost connection data for others that installed the app. If it reaches a certain threshold, Google performs a manual review to look for what’s causing it.

This is one of many ways Google attempts to protect Android users but it’s worth mentioning: none of these processes are perfect and you can still get malware from the Play Store.

Source; Digitaltrends

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