Glo Tariff Plans & Glo Data Plans for Android, PC in 2018

This is another modest year for all Telecom providers to top up their game in 2018. Although, in December 2016, Glo Nigeria remained the Grand-Master of Data, after claiming more subscribers for few months.

And up till date, we still have one Telecom in Nigeria that is not being too eager to increase their plans. Maybe, in one way or the other, they maybe planning on launching more cheaper plans.

They maybe the Grand-master of Data, but have you ever asked yourself, can they also be the Grand-master of Tariff Plans beating MTN, Airtel and Etisalat to the ground? Well, the answer is up to yourself, meanwhile, you will decide that after cross-checking their plans with others.

This is the cheapest Glo Tariff Plans then to the Glo Data Plans in 2018. The below Glo Data plans is meant only for all the working devices which includes Android Smartphones, PC, Laptops, iPhone, iPads, iPods and other unknown devices.

Cheap Glo Tariff Plans and their Migration Code in 2018

As I have said before, concerning the meaning of tariff plan, there are charges are defined keeping other competitors and regulatory in mind. Broadly speaking, there are two type of tariffs, also called rate or price plans, depending terminology used in different billing system.

Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan

And as the name implies, Glo 11k/s plan is a simple flat tariff plan which allows customers enjoy heavily discounted call rate @ 11k/s to ALL national networks and top 30 international destinations.

The Glo 11k/s calls to 30 top international destinations (Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK, US ).

Glo 11k Prepaid Plan

Also Note that, if you don’t use your line in a day, the N5 daily access fee will still be deducted. So continue using, in order not to loose.

To enjoy this amazing offer, customers are to dial *211#. Meanwhile, the daily access fee of ₦5 is charged on the first call of the day and is valid till 11.59pm each day

Glo Bounce Tariff Plan

Glo Bounce tariff plan costs as low as 15k/s flat rate to all Networks; for Campus Zone Rate Onnet-11k/s, Offnet-15K/s and 11k/s to other users on the Glo Bounce Plan. SMS rate is ₦3 per sms.

Glo Bounce tariff plan offers best and competitive flat rate tariff to all networks with unlimited and unparalleled value most especially for our upwardly mobile customers.

Remember, the Call go as low as 15k/s flat-rate to all networks and as low as 11k/s to your friends who switch to or are on on the Glo Bounce Plan.

Glo Bounce tariff plan`

For guys who want bonus on recharges, dial *170*5# to join generation G and enjoy:
· 50% bonus on recharge of N100
· 100% bonus on recharge of N200
· 200% bonus on recharge of N500 and above
· Discounted Campus zone rates
· Discounted Peeps rate to others on Generation G
· Free 15MB on every recharge of N200 and above
· Unlimited free SMS

Dial *170*4# and start enjoying Glo Bounce.

Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan

The Glo Jollific8 tariff plan is specially designed to give new prepaid customers eight times more value on every recharge. New customers also enjoy Voice and Data on every recharge.

Glo Jollific8 offers new subscribers 800% more value on every recharge from N100 and above. Customers get octuplet benefits, including bonus to call all local networks, browse freely and get free data that can be gifted to other subscribers.

>> N100 recharge gives N800 + 10MB (N50) = N850
>> N200 recharge gives N1,600 + 25MB (N100) = N1,700
>> N500 recharge gives N4,000 + 50MB (N200) = N4,200
>> N1,000 recharge gives N8,000 + 100MB (N400) = N8,400
>> N5,000 recharge gives N40,000 + 500MB (N2,000) = N42,000

glo jollific8

You can also enjoy Voice and Data on every recharge. To migrate to Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan, you have to buy a new Glo Sim and then register and get it activated (you’ll automatically be on Jollific8 tariff plan) and then dial *123*Pin# and you are good to go. Enjoy!

To check your data balance, dial #122# and for data gifting, dial *606#

Glo Talk Special and Twin Bash Plan

This combined Glo Talk Special and Glo Twin Bash tariff plan is the best offer from GLO Nigeria and it is currently the most used tariff plan by Glo users.

Glo Talk Special; is a package that offers you six times the value of the loaded amount. This package also gives users additional data to gift to another Glo customer for free.

Lets take this for an instant, activating it with N100 subscription will give you N400 talk-time to call all networks while 75MB data goes up N300.

All you have to do is to try and Dial *303# and select the bundle of your choice. Check your Talk Special bonus balance by dialing *606# on your Glo Line. To transfer the Gift data, just dial *606# and follow the prompt to transfer data to any Glo customer.

Please note that, you cannot share the free data.

Glo Twin Bash Plan; The new Glo Reloaded Twin Bash will give you six times the value of the recharge to subscribers and additional data to gift to another Glo customer for free, for those who uses more data and less voice.

Lets take for an instant, you recharge with N200, you’ll get 125MB data worth N500, part of which is 25MB data for subscribers to give out as gift to another Glo customer and N200 talk-time to call all networks.

You can now subscribe to the New Glo Twin Bash Package by recharging with *223*PIN# or *303# for the bundle package.

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Glo Infinito Tariff Plan

The Globacom has created the Glo Infinito as a simple prepaid plan with attractive calling rates to ANY network and the cheapest calling rate to reach out to your family, friends and associates.

Glo Infinito is a unique and simple prepaid tariff plan with no hidden charges, no rental payments and no conditions.

glo Infinito

Flat Calling rate of 20K/s enables you to call ANY network in Nigeria at 20K/s from 1st to the last second of your call. Family and Friends rate of 11k/s means you can call 10 frequently called family, friends and associates at 11k/s once you register such numbers.

To migrate, dial *100*9*2#. Meanwhile, you can add 10 frequently called family and friends by dialing *101*1*Mobile No#.

Glo Generation G Prepaid Plan

Glo Generation G” is a prepaid that gives customers BONUS ON ALL RECHARGES and the following additional unmatched benefits:

• 1st 120 seconds of the day on local calls is charged at 40k, thereafter:
– 20k onnet rate
– 30k off-net rate
– Discounted Campus zone rate to all networks
– Discounted Peeps rate to Generation G customers
• 50% bonus on recharge of N100
• 100% bonus on recharge of N200
• 200% bonus on recharge of N500 and above
• Bonus can be used for calls and SMSs to ALL Networks in Nigeria
• Free 15MB on every recharge of N200 and above
• 1 free SMS for 1 charged SMS

Customers have to dial *170*5# to enjoy these unbeatable rates.

Glo Free Tomorrow

This is one special plan that can Get DOUBLE your daily usage back the next day on Glo Free Tomorrow. With Glo Free tomorrow, whatever you use today, you get DOUBLE back FREE TOMORROW. No conditions attached. You get back double what you use on a daily basis the next day.

Glo Free Tomorrow

Just dial *300# and you get back Double your daily usage the next day. Subscription is FREE.

With Glo Free tomorrow, whatever you use today is credited back to you the next day. Pay today, enjoy free tomorrow. No conditions attached. This seems to be the first of its kind in the telecom industry.

Other Plans Includes;

a. Glo BUMPA ;

This plan offers 200% bonus on every recharge from N100 and above. This is the most cost effective tariff plan in the market and giving 3 times the value of whatever is recharged e.g. You recharge N100 and get N300. This 200% bonus is on every recharge forever.

To migrate to Glo Bumpa, dial *100*10*1#

b. Glo G-BAM;

This package offers amazing flexibility enabling you to call five special numbers at only 11k/s and enjoy 5MB free browsing every day. It offers a unique proposition to the Nigerian Youths making it possible for them to check their mails, enjoy Facebook, Twitter e.t.c.

To migrate to G-Bam, Dial *100*5*1# now!

Glo Data Plans for Android, PC & Activation code in 2018

Well, as i have above the below Glo Data Plans are available for all the Device. Glo has the best Nigeria Data Bundle Plan for all users.

Daily Plans

Plan Name Price (N) Data Volume Validity SMS to 127 USSD Code
1 Day Pack 25 12.5MB 1 Day 32 *127*32#
Instant Surf 50 27.5MB 1 Day 14 *127*14#
Always Day 100 100MB 1 Day 51 *127*51#

Weekly Plans

Plan Name Price (N) Data Volume Validity SMS to 127 USSD Code
Big Week 500 1.6GB 7 Days 57 *127*57#
N200 200 200MB 5 Days 56 *127*56#

Monthly Plans


Plan Name Price (N) Data Volume Validity SMS to 127 USSD Code
Always Micro 1,000 2GB 30 Days 53 *127*53#
My Phone 2,000 4.5GB 30 Days 55 *127*55#
So Special 2,500 7.2GB 30 Days 58 *127*58#
Always Macro 3,000 8.5GB 30 Days 54 *127*54#
N4,000 Data Plan 4,000 12.5GB 30 Days 59 *127*59#
Always Min 5,000 15.6GB 30 Days 11 *127*2#
Always Max 8,000 25GB 30 Days 12 *127*1#
Gold 10,000 32.5GB 30 Days 16 *127*12#
Platinum 15,000 52.5GB 30 Days 17 *127*13#
More data 18,000 62.5GB 30 Days 17 *127*17#
More data 20,000 78.75GB 30 Days 33 *127*33#

Flexi Plans

Plan Name Price (N) Data Volume Validity SMS to 127 USSD Code
TGIF – N500_WEEKEND_PLAN 500 3GB 7 days (Weekend – Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11.59pm & Nights 12 am – 5am) 61 *127*61#
N200_NIGHT_PLAN 200 1GB 1 day (12am – 5am) 60 *127*60#
G 100 6,000 4GB 100 Hrs or 30 days 20 *127*5#
G 300 15,000 12GB 300 Hrs or 3 Months 21 *127*4#
G-Leisure 5,000 12GB 8PM to 9AM – Weekdays + All day on Weekends 30 *127*7#
G-Work 6,000 12GB 8 AM to 9 PM 31 *127*6#


Price Data Off-Campus On-Campus Glo to Glo Bonus Free Data for Gifting Validity
N100 100MB 100MB 225MB N100 25MB 2 days
N200 200MB 200MB 450MB N200 50MB 4 days
N500 500MB 500MB 1.12GB N500 125MB 7days
N1000 1GB 1GB 2.25GB N1000 250MB 15 days
N2000 2GB 2GB 4.5GB N2000 500MB 30 days
N5000 5GB 5GB 11.2GB N5000 1250MB 30 days

Remember to be able to use these plans on your BB 10 device, you would have to change the APN (Access point Name) of your device from “” or whatever that was there to “glosecure”.

Meanwhile, Glo Nigeria offer much more data volumes for much lesser prices. Also provide a self care data management portal, the High Speed Internet (HSI) portal where you can view your data usage, share data, buy data and gift data, available via

Dial *777# or visit to buy and manage subscriptions (Applicable to mobile devices Using the Glo Bolt Internet service).

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