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Like I told you all, if you are looking for the best data plan for PC, then Glo overload got you covered! I was looking for a better alternative to the Airtel BB Complete Plan and stumble on the best plan ever! Glo Nigeria is one of the leading telecom company in Nigeria and they just won my love.

No other network in Nigeria can provide this mouth watering bonuses. Imagine if you are a heavy downloader or your spec is watching youtube videos/movies online, you will agree with me that 2gb will not be enough. Now how about getting 24gb for just N8,000.00? Welcome to Glo World!

Glo overload

Take a look at the Glo Overload Promo/Plan

To enjoy glo overload, you will have to opt in by dialing *200#. Then you can now load to enjoy 200% bonus upon your recharges. The data bonus starts from N2,000 recharges and above.

Data Plan Price of Data Plan (=N=) Normal Data Volume Overload Data Volume(inclusive of Bonus) Code

My Phone 2,000 640MB 2GB *127*55#
Always Macro 3,000 1.5GB 4.5GB *127*54#
Always Min 5,000 4GB 12GB *127*2#
Always Max 8,000 8GB 24GB *127*1#

Time to start surfing the internet. You can see I just subscribe to the 12gb Plan for N5,000.00.

Glo overload plan and Subscription Codes

Before that, I need to get my Glo Sim, but guess what, I was unable to get my Glo Number! A quick google search on how to know my Glo sim number proves abortive, I need to look for an alternative- If you are in the same category, you can read my new post on how to check my glo number.

Glo Overload Subscription Codes for PC/Routers Users

Glo overload plan and Subscription CodeGlo overload plan and Subscription Code

Glo Overload Plan and Subscription Codes for Mobile Phones.

If the above Glo overload promo and plan are not for you, you are looking for one for mobile phones, then use any of the code below to subscribe.

Glo overload plan and Subscription Codes

You can see the glo overload bonus data below;

Glo overload promo codes

Data PlanPrice of Data Plan (=N=)Normal Data VolumeOverload Data Volume(inclusive of Bonus)SMS to 127USSD Code
My Phone2,000640MB2GB55*127*55#
Always Macro3,0001.5GB4.5GB54*127*54#
Always Min5,0004GB12GB11*127*2#
Always Max8,0008GB24GB12127*1#

How do I know more about my subscribed plan in the Promo?
SMS Info to 127 or Dial *127*0#

How to check Glo overload data plan and balance:

For your Main account balance enquiry, it remains #124*1#. For your data bundle balance enquiry, it remains *127*0#. And for your Overload balance enquiry, it remains #122*7#.

Wait, even if you are not the browsing type… (I wonder why though), you can still enjoy the glo overload recharge promo.

Glo overload Recharge Bonus:

You gets upto 400% bonus on recharging N200 and above at anytime of the day. Customers will be able to use the bonus for onnet voice and SMS from 10pm to 8am during the period of bonus validity for the denomination recharged. Read more about glo overload promo here.

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  • GLO is the worst data and call so far, and the bad customer care, the data i paid for got wasted as i was unable to use it and i went to the GLO office to compalin and they failed to solve the problem for more than 4days

    • I don’t know why you are unable to use your go data, probably the service at your end is not too strong? Personally, am enjoying glo overload here… Watching movie has been made easy with glo overload data bundle.

      Please let us know what happened and why you can’t use it.
      between, glo has the best customer service and also they are online!

  • yea 4 sure glo have the best service, thanks to thiers there really do make life easy, start with the 31mb free mb naira 200, nd also i like their call rate is cheap mehn i must drop a big TWALE to glo one love.

    • Yes Collin! And you know what? Glo has introduce even better plan! You can now get about 1GB for N100 and it is valid for 15 days! Check our recent post on how to do that.

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