GLO launches New Data Bundle Plan N1000 for 1GB

This is really good and better for the year 2015. This is not a trick nor is it a tweak but Glo just launches new data bundle plan, which goes like 1k for 1gb!

No too much talks here, all you have to note is that it workks wella in all phones, laptops, windows and iphone. It doesn’t select phones just make sure that your configuration is well completed!

We have all heard about N100 for 1GB, yes, for some people it works but for some people it looks like a bad omen, but note that Glo 1k for 1GB really works on all device.

All you have to do is to ensure that you have not less than N1000 on your mobile phone, where your Glo sim card is inserted. You don’t need a new sim card, be it old or new, it still works faster and normal!

After you have recharge your sim card, just dial this code *777# and that is all! But please note that the 2015 black Friday is just by the corner!

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