Glo Launches Twin Bash and Talk Special Plan – Enjoy 6 Times Bonus On Every Recharge

It is working, all the Nigeria Telecom Network are active! Glo Nigeria has finally surprise their customers like us with a new Plan called Glo Talk Special.

Just like the MTN Startpack that makes you to enjoy 6 Times Bonus On Every Recharge, Glo has also done their and trust me, Glo Talk Special will be awesome and amazing!

Glo has increased the N2500 Data to 5GB data valid for 30 days. Dial *777# for more. This new Glo data bundle is even more than the Glo Overload Promo.

According to the Official Glo Website, “Glo Talk Special is a package that offers you six times the value of the loaded amount; this package is recommended for subscribers who make a lot of calls and less data. This package also gives users additional data to gift to another Glo customer for free.

Lets take this for an instant, activating it with N100 subscription will give you N400 talk-time to call all networks while 75MB data goes up N300.

What amazes me alot is that, this 75MB data comes with 25MB which can be gifted to friends, colleagues and loved ones. And also enjoy Talk More and worry less about your credit. You will also spend more time talking to your family and friends.

GLO Talk Special enables you to enjoy all your favorite social applications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram with your free data and you will get free data to gift out to friends.

glo twin dash and talk special

Step by steps on How to Migrate to Glo Talk Special Plan

The migrating is not hard. All you have to do is to try and Dial *303# and select the bundle of your choice.

Then you can also check your Talk Special bonus balance by dialing *606# on your Glo Line. To transfer the Gift data, just dial *606# and follow the prompt to transfer data to any Glo customer.


Subscription Amount

All Net





Gift Data






3 days







4 days







7 days







15 days







30 days


Please note that, you cannot share the free data. Please be very much aware of this. Then for the Glo Twin Bash Reloaded and Glo Campus Booster Plus Reloaded, please read below.

Glo Campus Booster Plus Reloaded and Glo Twin Bash Reloaded

The repackaged products are Glo Campus Booster, which is now called Campus Booster Plus Voice, Twin Bash and the Glo N2500 data plan which has been reloaded to give 5GB data bundle per month instead of the previous 4.5GB data bundle.

Glo Reloaded Twin Bash:- The new Glo Reloaded Twin Bash will give you six times the value of the recharge to subscribers and additional data to gift to another Glo customer for free, for those who uses more data and less voice.

Lets take for an instant, you recharge with N200, you’ll get 125MB data worth N500, part of which is 25MB data for subscribers to give out as gift to another Glo customer and N200 talk-time to call all networks.

You can now subscribe to the New Glo Twin Bash Package:- By recharging with *223*PIN# or *303# for the bundle package.

Glo Campus Booster Plus Reloaded:- This New Glo Campus Booster Plus Reloaded is another amazing part of their bundle. It gives you eight times more value for your existing data while browsing on the campuses across the country. For a N200 data plan.

Lets take for an instant. the subscriber gets 200MB of data off campus, but 400MB on campus and an extra N50 as talk-time to make calls.

You can subscribe For Glo Campus Booster Reloaded by dialing *777# and select a Campus Booster Plus Voice plan of your choice.

Glo Nigeria wants to continue their Champions, as of the first three months of 2016. But lets really hope they get their best because they worth it.

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